May 31, 2012

Why June Is Best

Allllll right!!!!!!!!!! 5000 page views!!! I don't know why I get so worked up about this stuff but it's just another excuse to celebrate. The cool thing is I know for sure that most of them are not from my mother because she can never remember how to get to this site (I think she's read at least one and that was for Mother's day). This month I also blogged the most times out of any other month so I'd say it was pretty eventful.

I'm sad to see May go because it has been so good to me but I'm excited for June for a few reasons:

1. My birthday is in June and even though I'm not really looking for a b-day party, I'm excited to finally be 20 so I get picked on less for being the baby at the office. I will also be one year closer to being 21. I'm not going to be drinking but I'm excited to be able to get into 21 and up clubs, which my cousin says are much better places to go dancing. I also want to purchase my own handgun, the beautiful Glock 19 4th Generation. Soon, my love. Soon.

2. June is the beginning of summer (actually, my birthday, the 21st is the first official day of summer) and even though Arizona already got a head start on the whole hot weather thing, it'll be good to know a lot of people are out of school and enjoying their summer breaks.

3. June is the month right before July, and in the very fist week of July, I will be heading back to Washington to spend time with my wonderful family, or at least the portion that is still there. I know there is not a lot to do in my tiny little home town but I am really looking forward to that! No work, just chilling with my parents and (not so little) brother at home, watching movies, playing with the animals, and laying around at my Grandma's pool. Sometimes it's nice to just do nothing.

I feel pretty good today. I feel like punching something! In a good way. I know a whole 9 hours at work may take a toll on that mood but I've got something to look forward to when I get home. Annnd I ran out of things to say. I hope you have a wonderful day.

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