May 05, 2011

Massacre at Kohl's

Ah... the joys of a freshly reheated TV dinner. Yes, it's lunch time at the firm and I'm freezing my buns off!! Not to mention uncomfortable (but it's a really cute outfit). I went shopping last night with my sister, Sunny, and we plundered that store!! We went in just to return a few dresses and maybe look around at the shoes. After I learned I had $77 in store credit, Sunny and I looked at each other and smiled cruelly.
    Sunny went straight to work, setting up a strategy that would make even the most avid shoppers weary. We careened through, hitting every section of the female section, down to the last clearance rack! After this mass slaughter, we pushed our carts (yes, we had to use the carts we were so loaded) to the nearest fitting room. Clothes were flying everywhere! People were frightened when they heard the growling and gnashing of teeth coming from within, but we paid no mind; we were on a mission!
     As we exited the fitting rooms, Sunny revealed that she had a 15% off card as well as a Kohl's charge. At the register is where the victory was made known. For a dress, 3 shirts, a cardigan and a pair of death defying heels, I paid $2.83...... >:) ...... AND got $10 dollars Kohl's Cash!

     I have to say, I'm a firm believer in Kohl's. And shopping.

     Well, my stomach is full and my time is up. Till next time, my dears!

                                                              (Uncomfortable yet cute)

May 04, 2011

Stupendous New Beginnings

     Isn't it sad that I blog during my lunch breaks?  *sigh*  Well it's something semi-productive to do.

     Right now, as I write this, I have 3 followers: my cousin (who is mentioned a few times in previous posts), my sister Ariel, and my sister's second account. I'm not too upset that no one is reading just yet, but I just want to get some stuff out there (I'm currently attempting to write 2 books so recognition would be nice). Maybe this should just be a good way to get things out of my head since that's where it usually all stays.

     In my profile I mentioned that I recently moved to the sunny state of Arizona. I cannot begin to tell you how great of a choice that was. My previous job was working at a Chinese Buffet seating people, running the register, and smiling way too much. Don't get me wrong, I loved this job. The people really made it fun. My employers are friends with my father (who speaks Mandarin Chinese), so I easily got the job with no interview needed. But now after 3 months of looking, I landed a job at a Law Firm as a secretary and graphic artist.
     This one I did have to interview for. I even went and bought a little business outfit so they couldn't tell how much of a ragamuffin I really am. I actually didn't get the position I was going for, but I guess they liked me because they made a new position just for me and later, after the receptionist quit, I took over her job as well. So now I'm making bank (for an 18 year old) and love being busy during the day!

 Yikes! My break it almost over - I'll finish up later.