About Me

Hi, I'm Haley.

I'm a young adult living it up in sunny Arizona with my fantasy books, music and paintbrush. I love animals and will someday own my own petting zoo.

I work at a law firm as a paralegal with the sassiest/coolest attorney around.

I'm currently going to school to study art and fiction writing because one day I'll be a stay at home author who sells her paintings on the side.
[A girl can dream, right?]

I post about random happenings at work, adventures out on the town, and throw in the occasional rant about absolutely nothing (I apologize for those).

Occasionally I get a little fashion-forward with my posts (attempted fashion) and I'm trying hard to get better at taking photos.

I also have my art, poems, and book reviews on my blog.

 Follow my little life adventures!

Or not...

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