May 02, 2014

What''s Different And What's The Same

     With a three month break between posts I went from a mildly depressed individual looking into getting her own apartment and getting three cats to a married woman, so obviously, a lot has happened in those three months. There have been a lot of big changes, most of them for Adam.

     In one month he got hired as a Firefighter, moved into a new apartment and got married. Those are kind of big things and I think his head is still reeling from the change.

     We have been together for about two years (even the times we weren't together we wished we were) and I feel like I know this guy pretty well. Now that we are married I don't think I've learned anything I didn't know about him. Even though life has been flipped upside down, it's a nice change.

Things that are different:

  • I used to not put as much effort into my appearance when I knew I wasn't going to see Adam that day, but now I try a little harder so he doesn't get scared off.
  • Cooking for two. It's a bit harder than I thought, especially since he eats about 3x as much as I do. We are developing a taste for Macaroni and Spam. Thankfully his mother likes to have us over for Sunday dinner and usually sends us home with leftovers. 
  • I now have someone who is my default go-to for social events (even though he kind of was before,  but now he has a harder time getting out of it).
  • I no longer have to kill bugs myself, unless Adam is at work or the perpetrator is moving fast to a hiding place.
  • For a while, sleeping was weird because I would frequently wake up in the middle of the night and be startled by the fact that there was a person in my bed. Also, he snores sometimes, but I got used to that pretty fast.
Things that are the same:

  • I still have the same job although now it's a little harder to leave for work when I know my best friend will be home all day.
  • My longing for a cat is still burning strong, despite the fact that Adam is allergic and the chances of me getting one are slim to none.
  • We still watch a ton of movies/shows together. That is probably one of our favorite things to do (and it's free). We are currently watching The Office together and finding any excuse to have a "movie night".
  • I'm actually having a hard time coming up with anything else. I had a ton of ideas this morning as I was going over this in my head. Sorry.

April 09, 2014

The Bells, The Bells!

My last post was about three months ago, and the crazy thing is, there is actually a lot that has happened. My previous posts have been somewhat melancholy due to dating-issues, but surprise! They're over! Because...I married him.

Yes. The same guy who has been hopping in and out of my blog stories for the past two years. After a period of "just being friends" he finally asked me if he could marry me. Actually, he kind of told me but that's okay. I had been waiting for this guy for a very long time. We got engaged in early January and set the date for March 14. Not a whole  lot of time for wedding planning.

Fortunately, his mother loves planning this kind of stuff and took over the reigns.

I'll have to go over this in detail later (I'm at work and should probably be working), but here are a couple happy pictures!

January 04, 2014

Pic Dump....Yay

This is where I dump a lot of pictures and talk about what is going on. 

This is my mom and this is my dad. They are both very cool and good looking people.

This is my nephew, Kai. Who is not as big as my giant cat Buddha. 

I had a new nephew born in August, Zeke. He's pretty cute.

My dad, who is an awesome car guy, painted his El Camino, which he is selling.

For some reason there was a "Who wore is best?" war with a Vitamix cap.

Even poor Zeke was included.

It went all the way to Idaho where my sister and brother in law participated. 

I think Claire was the one who started it anyway.

Michael shows it worn in a more casual setting.

So who wore it best?
Sadly, I could not participate because I don't have a Vitamix.

The El Camino all coolified.

This is Simon, Ariel's cat. He's not so smart.

This is Kai again, getting bigger.

Just not as big as his cousin Claire.

I went clubbing and accidentally ended up looking like a vampire.

Simon again. Like I said. Not smart.

My mom, being fit and doing yoga.

Chatting with one of my best friends, who is weird.

Secret Rats

It's been way too long since the last time I posted anything, but today I actually have a story to share. 

Yesterday at my office, a rather swanky law firm, I was speaking with my coworker who occasionally sits at the reception desk. If you don't know, receptionists know everything that is happening in an office at all times. Anyway, she tells me that there is a Secret rat problem in the downstairs area and the owners of the firm are trying to keep it very hush hush. My first thought was "then why are you telling me?" 

The rest of the day as I walked around the office I heard hushed conversations about the Secret rat problem. It was the most widely known secret I've ever heard. 

Later, I received an email from my coworker telling me to come up to the front desk because she had more fun Secret rat news for me. Curious, I made my way up front to hear the latest. She informed me that the Secret rat had been located. He had camped out in a lady's desk drawer while she was out for the holidays. It had made a nest in the papers, eaten her beef jerky, and went potty in there a few times.

Two of the guys in our office who take care of things from fixing computers and light bulbs to taking out the shred bins, chased the rat out of the office and down the hall to someone else's office where they proceeded to kill the Secret rat. 

After the Secret news traveled around the office, another lady, who is big on animal rights, started sending hate mail to the rat killers. 

Exterminators were called to take care of any further rat issues. 

All in all, I think it was a pretty entertaining Friday at the office.