January 08, 2013

Hospitalize Me, Baby

I am one stressed out individual lately. There are a million things happening at once and my body has decided to have everything go wrong once I hit 20. I'm currently paying off hospital bills, just found I need glasses, I will be getting my wisdom teeth out next month, and a couple other medical things I need to talk to the Dr about. This is going to be so expensive. If you've ever seen the movie Surrogates with Bruce Willis, I want one of those bodies so I can make mine behave.

I thought youth was the time you were healthiest.

Anyway, on another note, we just got two more roommates so that makes seven girls in one house. It gets pretty crazy sometimes but at least they are all fantastic girls. I wish I could write about all the things going on but that would take a long time and I'm a private person so that's a no-go. Adam is still a fantastic support for me during all these changes and events and I'm glad he has as much patience as he does with me.

Hopefully I will find something funny or cool to write about soon. Today is just an off day, but hopefully I can change that around.