December 28, 2012

Poetry Post: Soul Kissing

Lover dear
Kiss me like it’s the first time
Lean in hesitantly and slow.
Brush my lips with a tender touch
Colored white like snow.

There is something special 
About the first kiss bestowed.
I’ve kissed you a thousand times
And my heart you know.

Now, Lover dear
Kiss me like it’s the last time
Full of passion and fire and need.
Pull me in, pressed up close to you
As if your heart might bleed.

Sometimes I need to feel the fire,
Sometimes just a reminder to know.
To kiss your lips is as close as I can be
To kissing and loving your soul. 

December 27, 2012

Poetry Post: Taste You

This isn't attraction.
This isn't obsession.
This is curiosity.
There isn't much more
that I want to do with you
than stick my fingers in your brain
and see what I can find.
What makes you tick?
What are you thinking?
What do we all look like to you?
You’re just very different
but in a different way
than all the Individualistic Ghosts
that want to be unique.
Let me see what you see.
It’s not that I want you,
I just want to taste
your brain.

December 21, 2012

Open Doors- My Short Story

Here is the short story I wrote for my Fiction Writing class.

Everywhere there was red. The wet, slick sound of his fists smacking into flesh and bone over and over again resonated in the frigid air. There was red everywhere. Red on Kyle’s face, red on Mason’s hands, his vision dripping with it. As he kneeled over Kyle’s body, Mason could feel the cold from the concrete
seeping in through his jeans. He felt like crying but he didn’t know why.


The bench was hard and Mason felt like he was falling asleep. Blurry figures spoke in muffled voices, their arms gesturing wildly like orchestra conductors. Eyes shot angry red glances over at Mason but he couldn’t feel their burn. The clack of the gavel was the only clear sound as the Judge sealed the sentence with an authoritative tone.


A skinny blonde girl with eyes too big for her face and dry lips pulled up into a cracked and bleeding smile looked at him with anticipation. The rec room was empty besides Mason and this pale waif. Then there was a tugging at Mason’s brain. A knocking sensation that seems to get louder and harder the more he tried to ignore it. Knock knock. Finally Mason opened up to it. “Come in?” he thought. His vision was suddenly flooded by white light and he felt like his brain was being sucked from his head.

The world started to come back into focus but Mason began to notice he was no longer in the rec room. He stared up in awe at the landscape around him. The cerulean sky was patterned with massive rolling clouds that moved and changed as if he were watching a National Geographic on fast forward. The ground beneath his feet was covered in grass that swept against his knees. It swayed back and forth in the breeze along with a massive willow tree off to the west. The tree was perched on top of a daisy covered hill. Beneath it stood a small willowy figure.

“This can’t be real” Mason breathed as he smacked the side of his head to try and wake himself. The figure on the hill raised a thin arm, beckoning. Hesitantly, Mason started up the hill, taking in the giant purple mountains that seemed to loom in on the valley. The top of each was perfectly covered with snow like a dipped cone. This doesn’t happen in nature, Mason thought. As he got to the top, there stood the girl he had been staring at minutes ago when he was in the rec room.

“Hello, Mason. My name is Anne. Welcome to my paradise.” Mason looked around again, this time from the vantage point of the hill. Behind the tree off in the distance he could see a vast body of water that had no visible end. There was a white sandy beach at the beginning of it and the large rolling waves were all perfectly arced as they crashed into the shoreline.

“How did I get here?” Mason asked.

“Your brain works on a special frequency,” Anne stated casually, “just like mine. Right now, you’re in my brain, in my world.” A wave of nausea rolled over Mason and he sunk to the floor. He put his head between his knees and closed his eyes. Breathe, he thought, just breathe.

“Mason? Mason, are you even listening to me?” Dr. Tate asked, obviously annoyed. Mason looked up from the shag carpet he had been staring into.

“Mmm” he grunted. Dr. Tate pulled off his glasses and put them in his shirt pocket like he did when he was about to scold.

“You’ve been here at Everglade, what? Three months? I’ve seen no progress in your behavior and you seem more than unwilling to talk about anything. I’m here to help you but I can’t do that if you sit there like a comatose patient.” Dr.Tate leaned forward. “What can I do to help?” Mason looked away.

“For starters, you can let me go back to sleep.”

“Fine.” Dr. Tate sighed. “You can go to your room now. I’ll see you Thursday.

Mason started back to the east wing, dreaming of the last time he had gone into the world with Anne. They had spent the day creating massive rock sculptures that jutted out from the ocean floor. Mason had willed his to come in the form of a giant eagle with wings out stretched and head held towards the sky. Anne had made a mermaid that looked out over the waves as the waves roared around it. Together they both worked on a castle that was half submerged in the water. In this world, they could stay underwater all day without the need of air. They swam room from room creating all the details they imagined a castle would have. Mason could not think of a time in his whole entire life that he had been even remotely close to being this happy.Mason was almost to his door but stopped when he saw Anne in the rec room sitting on the floor between two couches. She smiled and waved him over. He had barely sat down next to her when she started bombarding him with questions.

“How was your Tater-Nater visit? Good? Bad? Did you cry? Did you tell him about the guy you killed?”

“I didn’t kill him. He almost died. I wonder if things would have ended differently if he did. They may have thrown me in jail instead of admitting me here.”

“But aren’t you glad you’re here?” Anne said with an overly wide smile. “If you hadn’t of come, you would have never met me!”

“Hmm, sure.”

“Don’t be like that.” Anne’s face dropped into a scowl faster than a flick of a light switch. “If it wasn’t for me, you would be a pill-swallowing zombie like everyone else in this hell hole. You need me to get out. There is no way getting around it. You still want to get out, right?”

Mason knew that getting out was the only thing worth working for. Everything else was a lie. “Recovery” meant being branded as cured of his sickness and sent to go live a crappy life with a dead-end job that ripped his soul right out of his chest. No matter what it took, he would find a way to get out this place, out of this state. If Anne was his ticket out, then he would cling to her with everything he had. Mason looked over
at Anne. She sat waiting for his response with her brows furrowed and her lips set in a hard line. Yes, Mason thought her attractive in a way. Her mouth was full but always cracked and dry, her hair was long and framed her heart-shaped face and she wasn’t as annoying as when they first met. Mason figured he could live with this choice as long as it meant freedom.

“Yeah, I want out. So what’s the plan?”

Anne’s face turned serious as she looked around to see if anyone was watching. She reached into her shirt and pulled out a baggie full of pills of every shape and color.

“What the…??”

“Shh!” Anne whispered.

“How did you get all of those?” Mason hissed.

“I’ve been here for a couple years now. Tonguing pills is a art I’ve developed and some of the other inmates are more than willing to share.”

“Well, what does getting out have to do with all these pills? Are you thinking of drugging the entire staff?”

“No way. Do you know how hard that would be? Listen.” Anne leaned closer to Mason’s face and spoke even softer. “There is a way we can stay in my world forever.”

“What? How?” Just the mention of Anne’s paradise created a yearning in the pit of his stomach.

“We have to kill ourselves. We overdose and then go into my world. Once our earth bodies die, we will be stuck in paradise forever!” Anne smiled. Mason’s face was frozen in a look of shock.

“You’ve got to be kidding. Are you insane? Oh, obviously you are or you wouldn’t be here in the first place!” Mason’s voice rose. “I knew you were crazy but I didn’t think you were retarded! How the hell do you think this will work?” Anne looked small as she pressed herself into the corner like a beaten puppy. “I thought you could be the one to help me but now I know you’re just as useless as the rest of the world.” He stalked off towards his room leaving Anne on the floor with tears building in her big eyes.

Mason slammed the door of his room and punched the nearest wall in frustration. All the time he had spent with Anne, building their perfect world, living like a king and queen and she wanted him to kill himself! The thought of being in her world forever with endless possibilities and freedom, it was so enticing. His chest was tight as he imagined taking the pills and slowly fading into nothing. He would cease to be and there would be no freedom, just the end of existence. He hit the wall again, this time splitting his knuckles open and smearing blood on the wall.

Anne slid into her own room and fell on the floor by her bed, tears streaming down her face. All alone again, the thought to herself.

“Always alone” she whispered with resignation as she stared pulling out one pill after another and swallowing them dry. Once the bag was empty, she closed her eyes and laid down on the cold floor. For the last time, pulled out of her physical body and into her mind where the sun was shining and everything would be okay.

The next day Mason got pulled out of group therapy and taken to the medical ward. Once he got there, a sad but smiling nurse sat him down and told him that Anne was in a coma after overdosing and her chances were very slim. Mason felt icy cold fingers tracing his spine as he asked if he could see her. Inside the room, Anne was a thin, pale doll with purple all around her big eyes. Her lips were cracked and dry and the slow beep of her heart monitor was the only noise Mason could hear. The nurse left him and he kneeled down by her side, slipping into her mind one last time.

Mason stood on muddy ground as the rain poured in sheets from a clouded grey sky. He trudged through the muck up the hill to the now dead willow at the top, a small figure sitting beneath. Their once perfect world was now dark and crumbling into ruin. His stone eagle monument was being pounded by the crashing waves. One of the wings had already broken off into the sea. Anne sat beneath the twisted, bare willow with her white  dress covered in mud. Her mouth was pulled into a painful smile and her eyes were clouded as she watched Mason draw near.

“Isn’t this perfect? You came back. I knew you would.”

“Just to say goodbye.” Mason said morosely. As the words left him, there was a loud cracking sound as lightning split the sky.

“I’ve been thinking about what you said, Anne, and even though the real world is horrible and everyone is messed up in some way, at least it’s real and it’s mine. I decided I want to be a part of it, and no fake paradise can change my mind. I’m sorry.” He leaned down and softly kissed her dry, bleeding lips.
He wasn’t shocked when he found that they were already cold. Mason stood up and took in one last look at the small girl sitting cold in the mud. Mason turned and pulled back into his body.

Anne touched her lips as she watched as Mason disappeared into the glittering sun. A warm tear rolled down her cheek at the loss of her companion and possible love, but she continued to smile as her white lacy dress, the grass, and the trees rolled in the flora scented breeze. She had her paradise. She would be happy forever. Looking up into the blue sky dotted with puffy pink clouds, she raised her beautiful clean arms to the

“Your loss, Mason. You don’t know what you’re missing”. A large flock of brightly colored birds flew over her head towards the majestic purple mountains, singing a merry tune. “Your loss.”

Two months after Anne died, Mason was shaking hands with Dr. Tate before he left Everglade Institution. A yellow cab waited in the driveway to take him back to the real world where many opportunities awaited. The loss of Anne had finally woken something up in Mason that had been lying dormant for year: his passion for life. When she left, Mason started talking to Dr.Tate to work out his issues. He felt a strong sense of confidence and purpose.

Mason walked down the steps towards the car but as he opened the cab door, he felt a familiar tugging.That knocking sensation against his brain. Knock knock.

This time, he didn’t open.

A Challenge

I just challenged my friend Hollyann and myself to write something every day for the next seven days. Starting today. It's been a couple of weeks since my writing class ended so I've had less time to write, or rather, less motivation. I got a good kick in the pants when I saw the blog of a fellow classmates and his was much better than mine. Sad day.

So, here I am, with new resolve.

And I'm going to start posting story stuff. Just don't steal my ideas.

December 17, 2012

Pretty Pathetic

So I'm about to get all pathetic on you... but my boyfriend is out of town and it seems he took my motivation with him. Yesterday I did not get out of my bed till 2 pm  I did not shower. Did not get dressed. Did not leave the house. I barely left my room. I used to be so on top of things. Very self reliant, but then Adam spoiled me and now yesterday I'm I was a loser.

Today has been a 115% improvement since I'm showered, prettified, wearing cute clothes, and being productive at work. I even had breakfast. I think today I will replenish my fridge which only has pizza dough, a smidgen of milk, and some salad dressing in it. I promise that I will draw at least one picture today and I will eat something that resembles a healthy dinner.

In my late night misery yesterday, I decided to start a vlog (video blog) and document my slow decent into madness while Adam is gone. Either that or I will come out on top and be my self-reliant self again. Here's the link.

Oh, and my car is broken again but thankfully my friend Justin is working on it. Hooray!

Maybe if I'm really good today, I will let myself play some Xbox. :)

Week Of (Attempted) Fashion 20

 Hello Friends. I have two outfits to share with you today even though I've been pretty good at coming up with new ideas. I just suck at the picture taking part.

This is the time I get to bust out the boots and leggings!
More to come!

December 12, 2012

I Have A Blog??

Of course I do. I've just been a horrible, neglectful parent but in my defense, I was really really busy with work n' stuff. Just last Monday we moved into our brand spankin new office so these past couple weeks have been filled with situating ourselves, unpacking, and getting these darn phones to work right!

It's a pretty fantastic office, on the second floor, all grey, black, and modern. My only complaint is that it's unbelievably cold. I spend my lunch break in the kitchen with my body pressed up against the glass windows to absorb the sunlight (I apologize to anyone who may be walking by). Take a look at some of the beauty!

Yeah. Pretty great. And it looks bigger and better in person.

I've also been pretty distracted by this guy.

I'm sure you can see why. We've been planning out our Zombie movie, watching British sitcoms, making homemade pizza, looking for roller blades, playing co-op on Xbox, doing a Die Hard marathon, calculating the perfect oreo-to-milk ratio, getting Chinese massages, building Lego ships, finally enjoying the snuggling weather, and visiting In-&-Out way too often.

So, life is pretty good. 
Busy, but good.

November 19, 2012

Week of (Attempted) Fashion 19

Here is me, failing again. To be honest, I've been doing a lot of repeat outfits and didn't see the point in posting them. Also I'm usually late for work. There's that too.

November 15, 2012

More Motivation, Less Chocolate

A week of un-motivation and blah. For my writing class I need to turn in my (finished) short story by the 25th, giving me a little less than two weeks to finish it. I haven't really started and with Ariel's wedding coming up on the 23rd, I don't have much spare time to be creative. Hopefully this deadline forces it out of me.

On top of the lovely deadline, I've been visited by the wonderful Mother Nature and now my uterus is on a rampage and feel like Krang from the Ninja Turtles show. I've been on a chocolate binge since and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Quite an accurate description, if you ask me.

Hopefully to combat the sugary substances and constant butt-sitting, I think I'll be running a few times a week to work up my lung capacity. My goal is the run a mile with out stopping. 

"Just a mile?" you say. Yes, but that is because I know it's attainable and to start off with, I'm horrible with running, but I want to get fit and active so this will be my new crusade.

Here's to motivation and less chocolate! 

November 12, 2012

Things I Learned This Weekend

-I'm a sore loser, especially when it comes to Risk

     Adam and I conned some of our friends into playing Risk with us on Saturday (if you haven't played, it's a world domination board game). We get very into this game and even though we're a couple, all niceties and sweetness leave the room when we are playing. It becomes an all out war where alliances, backstabbing, and ruthlessness run rampant. No mercy is shown when we wipe out the other players. There were three of us this last game: Adam, me, and Anthon. I'm proud to admit that I decimated Anthon and completely wiped him off the board, eliminating him from the game.

Super epic game.

By the end of my turn I had 6 temples, all 4 gods, and three whole continents with a large defensive force. I thought I had the victory in my grasp, and I would have if that had been the last turn, but to make a long story short, Adam used magic cards to break through my defenses and didn't stop until I was eliminated as well. I cannot begin to describe to you how pissed I was. I was thinking of all the horrible ways I could get back at him like giving him the silent treatment, start crying, or just flat out beat him to a pulp. But after a while my rage faded and once we left Anthon's house, we were back to being the sweet, happy couple we usually are.

But I will obliterate him the next time we play.

Right before he wiped me off the board. I am contemplating man slaughter at this point.

-Never go to the mall when you're depressed

     I left work very early on Friday because I was emotionally compromised. Don't tell anyone, but I was breaking into tears every five minutes and I couldn't actually answer phones or talk to clients with red eyes and a weepy voice. I got the OK and took off to go have lunch with my sister to cheer me up. After that, she had to go back to work and I decided to go to the mall and spend the $50 I had on a gift-card  I thought it was a great idea because I wasn't really spending any money. Unfortunately, I got distracted and stopped at two of my other favorites stores before I got to the gift-card one, and I spent a good amount at each.

I've heard people talk about retail therapy, and I have to admit, having new clothes to wear did make me feel a little better, just not when I look at my bank account afterwards.

New dress (that I sneakily wore to church and then to work the next day).

-Guys bring coats to church for the ladies

     If you live in Arizona, you may have noticed how this weekend was pretty darn cold (60 degrees is pretty cold when you've been enjoying 90 for a while). As I headed out for church that morning I realized too late that I forgot to bring a coat and all I had on was a thin silky dress (I was wearing unmentionables too). I was shaking all the way to Adam's house but when he walked out the door, I saw that he had on, over his suit coat, was a large wool trench coat. Which he brought for me. Happy day! I did not take that thing off at all during church. There was probably no point in getting all dressed up that day. It was like a huge blanket and I was the happiest girl in the room.

He looked rather mafia-esque with his pin-striped suit underneath.

Seriously, I've spoken to several guys who bring suit coats to church and they always say they brought it just so they could offer it to a girl. Well played, guys. Well played.

October 31, 2012

In Celebration Of All Hallows Eve

The first debut of my entire* costume was on Monday night and I must say, we looked so cool!! I wish I had my hair dark to look more like Selene (from Underworld) but there's no way I'm dying my hair again. Adam was a good sport and dressed up as my vampire boyfriend, complete with fake leather and biker boots.

Eh, close enough. I'll have it ready by the time Comicon comes around.

Needless to say, we were very cool for one night. We also got to carve pumpkins last night and we get to party tonight as well! This is why I love Halloween. Continuous parties, costumes, and good times.

*The costume wasn't completely done because we didn't have our contacts in. They hurt like a *&%#$. But I will probably stick them in for pictures later. 

Adam's classic pumpkin that took him maybe 10 minutes

My kind of awkward pumpkin that took me way too long (I don't like scooping the guts out).

October 29, 2012

Do What We Want Weekend

Usually there are always things that need to be done, events to attend, or work to commute to. Through a series of miraculous events I was able to have work off on Friday so Thursday night began my weekend. Adam and I celebrated by going out to Thai Basil and if you ever go there, I would recommend the yellow curry.

Friday was wonderful. The only thing I had planned was a doctors appointment around 10 but that morning I was woken up by a call from Adam saying "Put your shoes on. I'll be at your house in 30 seconds." Still adorned in my pjs and with hair flying wild, I went downstairs to find Adam at my door, still in his pjs, who then literally dragged me out of my house with no explanation until we got in the car and I saw what he had in the backseat. It was a giant pirate ship kite!

After our impromptu kite flying adventure and my doctors appointment, we decided we were going to take our free day to climb South Mountain. (We did get sidetracked at the Mesa Art Center for a while before we finally made our way to Phoenix). The hike was great and the weather couldn't have been better. No one got first blood this time but we did have fun watching the sun set and the city of Phoenix light up below us. 

Adam on the sacrificial altar.

We were trying to get the city in the back ground but we aren't very good at self photo shots.

Looking studly with Phoenix in the background.

At the top of South Mountain.

After we walked down to where we parked we drove up to a vantage point to check out the city lights. It was wonderful but the wiggly road made me very car sick for the rest of the evening. Later that night I took some aspirin for my headache and I guess my stomach didn't like that very much because I spent the rest of the night puking my intestines out. 

Other than that, Friday was great. All plans for Saturday were canceled due to my dead stomach so Adam took care of me and brought over the essentials to make me fee better: ginger ale, saltine crackers, Pride and Prejudiced, Ever After, and Rambo parts 1-4. Adam knows how to pamper a girl. 

October 24, 2012

Week of (Attempted) Fashion 18

Here another example of something I fail at. The last time I posted one of these was almost exactly two months ago. I'm going to try and make it a habit again.

These ones wont have dates because I have no idea when I wore these. Just be reassured that I have been wearing clothes for the past two months.

My Life In Pictures

I love picture. I always say that I'll start taking more, but we all know I'm full of crap. But here are some pictures on my life as of late. Mostly for my own enjoyment.

I've been spending a lot of time with Adam's little sisters and I must say,
they are a riot! They're both pretty young but already very witty and wild, as you can see. 

Here we are at a masquerade  Please ignore the cleavage. I tried to Photoshop it out but 
that looked even more awkward. 

Ariel and Michael with a very cool sculpture on Mill. It was pretty hidden behind a office building 
but it looked like massive crystals bursting from the ground. So cool!

Sporting new attire: Adam's stolen shorts, flip-flops, and a mismatching jacket.

My cute little brother, Joey with our niece, Claire. Both looking very happy.

We found this amazing drawing bored at World Market. If you want to send me money so 
I can get this, I would love you forever.

The Parental Units, reunited after my mom's 3 week AZ vacation.

Claire again, looking like trouble.

I Need A Stress Ball

I am sucking so bad at this blogging thing right now. Things are piling up for me to do in all aspects of my life.  A few huge projects at work were placed on my desk and I've been slaving over those to get them finished within the deadline. As a result, all my normal work, like the mail and such, is getting backlogged into a huge mound! I'm having a hard time catching up, especially since my brain is running in several places at once.

Ariel's wedding is right around the corner and that brings along a lot of work and planning. I'm sure Ariel has it worse off than me with the wedding stress but it's still bouncing around in my brain all day. That mixed with worrying about my writing class assignments where I will soon be forced to create a literary work of art (says me) that only fills three pages and then present that to the class (which is equivalent to bearing my inner soul) and have them critique it.

Also, I'm still paying off those stinkin' hospital bill from my unfortunate ant bite and trying to replenish my savings account at the same time. And even though Adam is a fantastic help and makes me relax and slow down a bit, he decides to start investigating the Navy. Just too much is going on right now. My brain needs a break, lest I implode from stress and pressure.

I have not been able to sit and draw for I don't know how long. That was my outlet. That and writing, which is now turned into a deadlined assignment.

I don't want to sound complaining because having stuff to do is better than having nothing going on. I just need some time to sit outside and just stop for a moment and breathe and do nothing else but exist. Soon. Soon.

October 10, 2012

Prepared For Halloween!!!

I can honestly say that I had my Halloween costume 99% done before October 1st (I think). I'm sure I've ranted about it several times before but I will say I LOVE Halloween! It's my excuse to spend money on costumes and paint my face and not be deemed as extremely weird.

Would you like to know who I will be this year? Yeah? We I don't know if you have ever seen Underworld, but...BAM!

Don't worry, I watched it CleanFlix

Yeah, that's right. I'm going to be so cool (I hope) and my costume is pretty darn close to the original (I think) and I am only slightly terrified to wear it (I lied). I just need to order the contacts and find something for the wrist braces.

I think I'm seeing a theme for the last few Halloweens. I've been either something that involves blood, guns, leather, contacts, or all of the above.

This was me last year:

If you must ask, I was a Zombie Apocalypse survivor.

Basically, I'm just picking something that's along the same lines but this time people might be able to actually tell who I am without having to ask. And this time I'll be completely covered. I went a little crazy trying to get the beat up survivor look. 

Also I'm very excited because Adam is going to dress up as an Underworld vampire with me (but in guy form)!! Hopefully when I put everything together I will look pretty cool. I also hope I find a couple parties to go to. 

When I told Ariel about my idea she just looks at me and says, "Haley, why can't you just be a princess?"

As long as I can be the princess of DEATH!! 
Just kidding. 

But seriously. 

Too Tired To Photoshop

I got to work today and then decided that my outfit was horribly awkward. From the front I guess it looks pretty swell but from behind? It looks like I have a lunch lady back and you can see my underwear lines, as well as my undershirt. I decided I will just try to stay seated all day and make sure no one sees my posterior.

The front of my awkward outfit. 
I will not show you the back. 
See how tired I look?!?
And I still have class until 10 tonight!!!

I'm debating whether or not I should dump my hot chocolate down my front so I will have a good excuse to go home and not come back.* Maybe I could throw in a couple tears as well.

I have been so sleep deprived lately that I just want to sleep where ever I go. For a couple of nights I was helping Adam finish a paper for class but last night we decided to have a movie night. We didn't get to his house from Institute until 9:20 and then we decided to make dinner before we went to my house to watch The Importance of Being Ernest, but we both got a sweet tooth and decided to stop at the store to get brownie mix.

After burning the first batch, perfecting the second, and finishing the movie we decided to call it a night (it was now about 12:30am). Then I had a long night of dreams with hostages and nerve gas and I woke up at 6:30. I wanted nothing more than to melt with my mattress and call in dead to work.

A good thing about this week, I got several new books in the mail that I'm very excited to get through. Also, the amount of books I own now necessitate an entirely new bookshelf. I love books so much. I hope you are  one of those people who feel the same. There is an escape that can be found in books that no other means can provide. It can instantly teleport you to a different time and place. Heck, it can transform you into a different person for a few hours. There is no other way to do that!

So.... you should pick up a book and start reading. If you don't know what to read, just ask and I'll give you a recommendation. Or you could check out my book blog for my reviews.

* I ended up drinking all my hot chocolate. It was too good to waste. Looks like I'll be at the office all day now.

October 03, 2012

A Very Large Crouton

I'm still alive. These past few weeks have been amazingly busy with school, wedding planning (not mine *sob*), and family emergencies. Thankfully things are calming down just a bit. Actually, they aren't. I'm not sure why I said that. Things are just as crazy as before but thanks to a new medication*, I'm not freaking out.

Here are some very cool things going on in my life as of late:

- Work is going well. The intern is no longer a threat to my sanity. He is actually a friend now and very fun to chat with in a non-intimidating way. We are also going to be moving right after Thanksgiving to a bigger building in the same complex. I get a very cool, modern reception area.

- School is in full force. Which is to say, my one class is going well. Despite my initial aversion to my teacher, I can accept the good with the bad. The homework thing is great as well because it's mostly reading and, let's face it, those who write usually like to read. Therefore, homework is a treat for me.

- Health wise, I haven't been totally normal since the ant bite and I'm royally pissed. Thankfully I'm chipping away at the rather large bills coming in thanks to my habits of saving (there goes all my school savings).

- Romantically, Adam and I are having so much fun! We recently went to a super hero themed party and were looking so fly (see foto below). I'm also making a painting for him and he's writing songs for me. I think we've got a pretty good deal worked out here.
Batman and Robin, now with t-shirts and jeans!

Us, trying to be so very cute. 

Not sure if he's "feeling the music" or falling asleep.

- Family wise, everything is kind of going haywire but that's okay because we're a cool family that knows how to stick together when things get rough. 

- I found this really amazing crouton today and I couldn't help but to share my excitement. Isn't that amazing?? It also tasted really really good and lasted much longer than a normal crouton. This may be the highlight of my day! :)