November 29, 2011

Time Warping

If you want a month to go by quickly, you need only do one thing: set a goal or have something that has a deadline by the end of the month. It will zip by before you even have time to start it.

He Always Has Food On His Shirt

So there was a last minute decision for me to go to California with my boyfriend for Thanksgiving. His mother lived there so there was going to be a convergence of his family and I was invited. 6 hours in a car seems like a long time unless you're sitting next to your favorite person, holding hands and laughing about very stupid stuff. I was there from Wednesday night to Sunday and I had a great time. It's always interesting to look in on another family and watch their dynamics and interactions with each other.

Although I was with my sweetheart over the holiday, I couldn't help but miss my family. This was my first Thanksgiving away from home and it's funny how much one can take things for granted. It was definitely a good experience because it made me that much more thankful for my family.

I must say, I am still sleep deprived from this week. We did the Black Friday thing in L.A, leaving around 10pm and I don't think I crawled into bed until 6:30 when the light was starting to shine through the blinds. That's something I wouldn't mind doing once a year, but only if it's in a warm area. I can't imagine what it would be like to wait outside for hours in Colorado or anywhere colder than Cali (I was freezing even there).
Me and my boy JB

Rockin' the footies

 My boyfriend (fine, his name is Rich) was kind enough to take me to the Griffith Observatory where I had to take pictures of everything. From the rooftop you could see the Hollywood sign. I have to admit, I was kind of freaking out about that. I had seen it so many time in movies and then Bam! there it was in real life!

We also got to go to the Los Angeles temple and see all the Christmas lights up. I took some pictures but my phone doesn't do the real thing justice.

We also got to go to the beach but it was dark by that time so my picture taking spree ended. I was just glad I got to put my feet in the sand and be in the water for a bit. The ocean really does something to me. It helps me to stop and look in on my life with a new perspective. It seems so endless and it is a great place to just lose yourself in the waves and the smell and the moving sand. Now I want to go to another beach, but in the daylight this time. 

I'm going to go ahead and get a bit gooey and say that I miss Rich. We've got this great connection and miraculously, we have similar senses of humor (if we didn't there would be a whole lot of misunderstandings). I'm sure he's going to be a creeper and read this blog, knowing that I will probably mention him and his large biceps, so I will deny him the satisfaction of getting to read all the things I want to say about him. :)

Now I'm back into the 9-5 grind (8:30-5:30 actually) while I'm still mentally in LaLa Land. I'm just holding on till Christmas when I'll be able to see Rich again and I will be able to go home to my parents and revert back to a child with my siblings. I'm counting down the days.

November 23, 2011

Before I Embark

I'm about to embark on a journey. This journey holds many unknowns and variables, a fact that has me almost stressing. I've always enjoyed long car rides; however, this would be much more manageable if I didn't have cramps. Wish me luck and have a super wonderful/safe Thanksgiving. Don't forget to give thanks to the One who deserves it most and don't forget to eat a lot of food!

I'll be back Monday, hopefully with stories and pictures.

November 22, 2011

A Greater Perspective While Dropping Cash

This week has been a myriad of adventures, sleepless nights, and money dropping. In my last post I said how my long-distance man came down for Thanksgiving break and it's been a grand time. Fortunately, we are both blessed with the ability to laugh at things going terribly wrong and make the most of our time together since everything went wrong, or at least, not according to plan.

We had planned to leave on Friday after I got off work and head over to California for the weekend. Everything was planned out, his mother was letting us stay with her, I got my oil changed, we filled the car with water bottles and Goldfish crackers and started to head out. We were going to take my car which I was at first hesitant about because it had been acting up the last couple of weeks, but after a few dreams of my car blowing up, I pushed it from my mind and figured we'd be safe either way. 

My dear man was kind enough to drive the first part of the way since I had gotten up early and worked all day. We commenced our journey and things were going well. About an hour out of Phoenix, however, there was suddenly a loud noise and some violent shaking. It didn't take more than a few seconds before we realized that my car had just blown a tire so we quickly and carefully pulled off to the side. We sort of sat there in shock for a second but we quickly recovered and started calling around about insurance, the existence of a spare tire in my car, letting mom know we weren't dead, etc. Luckily my man had insurance that covered a tow truck so we cuddled and laughed as we waited for the truck (I'm really really glad he was there with me when it happened because I'm not sure what I would have done if I was by myself).

We were taken to Goodyear, a town I had never heard of, and the car was parked at Pep Boys*. My man's brother was kind enough to drive an hour to come get us and take us back to his house because it was too late for any tire places to be open. Luckily I was packed for an overnight stay so I was able to be clean and decent the next day. That morning we borrowed a car and headed back up to Goodyear and began a search for the cheapest tires known to man. It turn out Pep Boys is very very spendy and they have attitude. After a few hours of calling, haggling, taking off the tire ourselves, a few cuts and greasy hands, we had 4 new tires on my car (Discount Tire**). Unfortunately, we also found out my battery was dead so we had to get a new one of those (Brake Master***).

I think we were both a bit bummed about missing the trip, but the whole reason we were going is so we could spend time together and so far, we were able to be together for a full 24+ hours. But it didn't stop there! On Saturday evening I took him back to my house to watch Pokemon**** and hang out with my Aunt and Uncle. Once I got him back to his house (20 minutes away) we realized he was locked out with a dead cell so I took him back with me and put him in the guest room. The next day, we did the whole Sunday morning breakfast thing, went to church, then a family event for him and then back to my house for a game of Five Crowns. Once I took him back home that night, (luck wasn't finished with us yet), we realized that he was locked out again with no one answering their phones. We must be really patient because we just had a good laugh and I took him back home and he got the guest room again. 

* Pep Boys is a place I will never go back to. bad prices, bad service.
** Discount tire had very helpful guys who got the job done quickly and even let us use their big sink to wash the tire grease off our hands.
*** Brake Masters was very inexpensive, got the job done fast and waved the instillation fee as long as I promised never to go back to Pep Boys. ...done.
**** I have the first season on DVD :) I love Pokemon with a fiery passion. 

It is now Tuesday and things have been working out a bit better besides the fact I'm running on very little sleep. The man and I still get along just fine, not once did we get tired of each other (if he did, he wasn't saying) and I'm really enjoying having him around. Plans keep changing and it turns out that I will be going to California with him after all, but this time for Thanksgiving and we are going with his brother in his car (he has good tires). After a very busy weekend and almost no sleep, I'm still smiling like a buffoon and having a great time. I guess it's all about perspective and who you are with that makes a difference. 

*If you read this whole thing, you deserve a cookie. Let me know if you want some and I'll see what I can do.*

November 18, 2011

Not All Boys Are Scum

I'd have to say that yesterday was one of the best days I have had in a very long time. Days like that are pretty rare just because it was so jam packed with good things. Abnormally so. First off, I didn't have to go to work, automatically making it one of the best days of the week. Sleeping in was on my to-do list but my internal clock just had to wake me up at 6:45 so after a quick potty break, I forced myself to go back to sleep.

I was awoken by a phone call since I slept through my alarm. Luckily it was a very cute boy on the other line so the wake up call was nice instead of disrupting. So this boy lets me know his flight is a bit delayed (which was good because that changed all our plans which worked out great). I took my sweet time getting ready, making sure I took time doing all the girly getting ready things I usually skip when I'm in a hurry for work. Once I was presentable I took off for the airport to pick up my long-distance man. Our plans had been to go to the zoo but due to the delayed flight, hungry tummies and other factors, we decided to do some grocery shopping, watch a movie and be happy.

I had pre-paid tickets for the Breaking Dawn premier, not for the midnight showing...but a 7:00 showing, and due to a very wonderful sister who so thoughtfully gave up her ticket, I was able to take this very cute boy with me. I only felt slightly sorry for him since he knew next to nothing about Twilight. I gladly gave him a quick run through of the first 3 books. I give major kudos to this boy who had sworn never to get involved with anything Twilight. I'm pretty sure that means he likes me : )

I must say, going to the midnight showing means you're a true dedicated fan. Going to the 7:00 even earlier showing means you're an even more rabid crazy fan, so it wasn't surprising that whenever a character makes an appearance (ie: Jacob ripping off his shirt) all the girls in the theater scream and make cat calls. Sometimes I must say that I am embarrassed by my gender.

I would also like to say that I was thankful to have my man next to me so I didn't have to watch this most tender of love stories wishing that I had a man next to me. If you're reading this, thank you. <3

All in all, a very very good day and I'm thinking this weekend will be even better.

Now here's a little something for y'all.

(I was going to post a shirtless picture... but I felt like a creeper)

November 16, 2011

The Next Post Will Be Better

I won't say I'm sorry for not posting lately, because I'm not.
I won't say life is too boring for me to think of something to write about, because it's not.
I will; however, say that I am a happy camper and that not all boys suck. 
Here are some pictures just for you.

The story of my life.

I want to meet this man.

That's all folks!
(I promise I'll have some new ((and exciting)) stories after this weekend)

November 09, 2011

Fried Nerves With Ketchup

Right now is a bad mixture of hungry, under-slept, emotionally compromised, uncomfortably dressed, and currently at work. I am seriously seconds away from banging my head against the keyboard. It's so close to becoming "one of those days" so I'm trying to focus really hard on the positives.

  1. I have a job.
  2. A cute boy is texting me.
  3. Some guy smiled and waved while driving to work.
  4. ....
That's about it. *face-to-desk*

A Good Dog

About ten years ago, my family was all crammed into our car, heading to the next city over. We were wiggling with excitement and it seemed like we couldn't get there fast enough. Our destination? The animal shelter. After weeks (maybe longer) of pleading, Dad finally gave in and said we could get a dog. Since we lived a good ten minutes from town, our property was an ideal location for animals and us kids took advantage of that.

We have always had a wide array of pets from the domestic cat to ducks to the diabolical chinchilla we lovingly call Chico. We always had a self replenishing supply of animals. Cats birthed kitties which we gave most of them away and kept our favorites, our dog Macarena was always popping out a new batch of puppies that looked nothing like her. So it's safe to say, we love our animals.

That day we went to the shelter we looked around and saw all the sad dogs, but one stood out to us the most. An old German Shepherd with sad, kind eyes. We asked the owners if we could take him for a walk and after two laps around the yard, we knew he was going home with us. It was good timing too because he was scheduled to be put down the next day since he was older and no one had chosen him.

We loaded him into the car and soon after dubbed him Brutus Apollo Barnes. A fitting name for a studly dog. Brutus was the best guard dog we could ever ask for. He scared off would-be burglars with his deep bark yet he was as gentle as a butterfly. He would always follow us when we went out for walks despite the pain he had in his joints and he "smiled" the whole way. He would squeak and whine when he saw that we were coming to pet him or brush his forever shedding fur. Brutus was always there when we got home from school, when we came home late from an event, and in our later years, when we would come home for Christmas or any other homesick visit. He was always there.

Last weekend my parents told me that he could no longer move his legs (on top of already being deaf) and ask how I (and the rest of the kids) felt about putting him down. Today he is going into the vet and I know that when I come home this Christmas, he wont be there to greet me with nuzzles and stinky dog licks. I didn't think I would be this affected by it but he is a member of our family and is most loved. He has always been a constant in my life but now he will be sorely missed by our whole family and our friends. I love my Brutus and I will miss him.

November 07, 2011

Pre-Turkey Day List

I keep seeing posts on Facebook of things people are thankful for. One for each day of the month, I'm guessing. I felt a little left out and possibly ungrateful so I decided to make a list of things I'm thankful for. Commencing to start!

  • My siblings. We used to fight like rabid hamsters but now that we're older and spread out, we miss each other dearly and have mostly civil conversations now. They are my best friends.
  • My parents. They are the dynamic duo. They complete each other. They are also the silliest and most fun people I know. I would give up a whole paycheck just to hang out with them for a night. 
  • Eternal families. I'm so thankful my parents were married in the temple and that our whole family is now sealed together forever and that is exactly what I want.
  • My animals. Whether it be my fish here in AZ or my cute array of animals back home, there is not much that can make me smile like they can.
  • My job. I'd say it was sheer luck that I landed this job. I was under-qualified and yet I still get to have a job I love and a great work environment.
  • My body. Whoa, I'm not getting all conceited here! I'm just saying I'm glad I have a body that can walk, run, talk, see, and do almost anything I tell it too. I don't want to take a functioning body for granted.
  • My friends. So these guys are a bit more spread out than my family. Although I don't get to talk to them as much as we did back in the day, I still think about them and hope they are doing well. 
  • Teachers. I've had so many of these. Church, school, family, so many people taught me so many different things. I'm glad they took their time and energy to help me better myself.
  • My talents. So far I'm still figuring out what they are, but I know I'll make use of the ones i'm sure of.
  • Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. I know I don't talk about religion very much but that doesn't mean I don't think about it and my love for my savior and all the blessings that I am given daily, even when I know I don't deserve it.
  • Music. Although I can't sing very well and I may be a bit rusty of the sax, I still enjoy music and the richness it brings to my life. 
  • The earth. Many days I go home with the top down and feel the wind on my face, watch the sunset and take in the palm trees silhouetted against the sky. This earth is beautiful.
I'm out of time. Believe me, I could have done quite a few more. I may do this again later but in more detail. Also, I am thankful for my car. I just hope it starts so I can get home tonight. :S

November 03, 2011

A Sad Topic

I've never been very good with words when I'm speaking. Writing comes a bit easier just because I can stop and think of what I really want to say and not worry about how stupid it sounds coming out of my mouth. To be completely honest, I've struggled with depression for most of my life. I was pretty young when it started and it fluctuates in intensity over the years. The hardest thing is talking about it and finding some way to describe it. I found a comic that sums it up pretty well, minus the last few windows. I'm not sure who made it and I'm not sure if it's supposed to be funny but I felt that it rang pretty true (there is a bit of language in there, I apologize).

Some days are fine. Perfect, even. Lately I've had a lot of those good days where I'm too busy to be depressed. Other days, it randomly creeps up from behind and forms a little rain cloud above my head that sticks to be like glue. It's been so bad on occasion that it physically hurts to move, to think, or even breathe. Thankfully I haven't had one of those days in a while.

For those who may feel the same way, or just partially, I found a few things that help prevent/fix an episode. I'm no doctor but I've had time to test a few of these out.

  • Stay busy. That doesn't mean overwhelm yourself, but if you are feeling down, being productive does wonders! Especially if you're helping someone else or there is an end product that you can physically see.
  • Write about it or paint a picture. This is 90% of the reason why I blog. It really does help and there is something soothing about moving a paintbrush back and forth.
  • Clean your room. Uncluttering your room helps you to unclutter your mind. It's more room for you to think and to think clearly.
  • Talk about it. I don't do this one, but I've heard it helps. Find a listening ear and just vent for a bit.
  • Stay away from sad books or movies. I am the biggest hypocrite in this one because there is nothing I do better then wallow in my own misery by googleing "depressing poetry" or watching the saddest things I can find. Don't do this. Read something uplifting, watch a Disney movie or...
  • Go outside. If it's a nice day, find something green and living. Walk in a park but walk like you have no where to be. Just enjoy and soak in some sunshine.
  • Hug a cat. That may just be me, but there is something comforting about a warm fuzzy cat that is purring next to your ear. If you don't have a cat, hug a hairy friend and ask them to purr/hum. You will get a similar effect.
Hopefully this helps you out or was just interesting for you to peruse. I feel a bit better just by writing about it. I hope you have a very pleasant day.

November 02, 2011

A Novel Or Hairy Legs? You Decide!

I've mentioned a couple times that I will be writing a book. Actually, I will be writing a lot more than one if I have my way. Today I read about National Novel Writing Month (which is November*) from my favorite blogger (thanks Kara). Naturally, since 'all things writing' gets me excited, I made an account and now a goal to have a novel finished by December! yeah right. I can dream, can't I? I will try my hardest to reach the goal, but if it's not done by December, I won't sweat it. I'll just keep working till it's done!

So today is my story outlining day and one of the outline questions was to sum up my story in 1-3 sentences (actually it was 1-2 but I failed at that) kind of like the back of the book. So here is my semi-cheesy blurb.  

Almost a century after the First Annihilation things are starting to look up. The Demons that almost wiped out the human race are now under control, registered, and functioning members of society along with the Angels that saved the human race from extinction, but what most people don’t know is that there is growing unrest amongst the demons and someone is planning a second Annihilation. It’s up to Zyon, a demon and traitor to her kind, and a secret group called the 4th Division to stop the uprising before humanity is wiped out for good. 

Don't worry, I plan for the story to be waaay more epic then that sounds. 

*It's also No Shave November but I don't think the office would appreciate it if I neglected my legs for a month.

November 01, 2011

The Key To Happiness: Go Outside.

There is something so very serene about night. I love it best when it's neutral, neither not or cold. Last night was one of those nights. I sat in our driveway with my aunt, uncle, and cousin. We had a little table set up with glowing orange lights and a big bowl of candy that constantly had to be refilled. My aunt brought us dinner so we could eat outside and we sat there enjoying the warm meal and watching the kids running from house to house with parents in tow.

As the flow of kids started to thin out, I pulled my knees up to my chest and just took in the the soft night air and reveled in the fact that I wasn't busy, wasn't rushed or tired or stressed. The best word to describe it would be peaceful. I am pretty thankful for nights like that. I wouldn't complain if I had a few more.

While nights are amazing, today was lovely. I left my office to walk out to the mail box and I walked as slow as possible because the sun was shining on my (very white) legs and face, it was relatively quiet, and I smelled freshly cut grass (one of my favorites). I fantasized of moving my desk outside and working from there. One of my least favorite things about working is the fact that I can't go outside during the nicest parts of the day, especially since I have huge windows surrounding my desk so I always know what the weather is like.

So my plan is simple. This Saturday will hopefully have fair weather and I will spend my day outside. I think I will even wash my car, something I've only done once since I moved down here. This is what I'll do, and I will be happy. :)