November 22, 2011

A Greater Perspective While Dropping Cash

This week has been a myriad of adventures, sleepless nights, and money dropping. In my last post I said how my long-distance man came down for Thanksgiving break and it's been a grand time. Fortunately, we are both blessed with the ability to laugh at things going terribly wrong and make the most of our time together since everything went wrong, or at least, not according to plan.

We had planned to leave on Friday after I got off work and head over to California for the weekend. Everything was planned out, his mother was letting us stay with her, I got my oil changed, we filled the car with water bottles and Goldfish crackers and started to head out. We were going to take my car which I was at first hesitant about because it had been acting up the last couple of weeks, but after a few dreams of my car blowing up, I pushed it from my mind and figured we'd be safe either way. 

My dear man was kind enough to drive the first part of the way since I had gotten up early and worked all day. We commenced our journey and things were going well. About an hour out of Phoenix, however, there was suddenly a loud noise and some violent shaking. It didn't take more than a few seconds before we realized that my car had just blown a tire so we quickly and carefully pulled off to the side. We sort of sat there in shock for a second but we quickly recovered and started calling around about insurance, the existence of a spare tire in my car, letting mom know we weren't dead, etc. Luckily my man had insurance that covered a tow truck so we cuddled and laughed as we waited for the truck (I'm really really glad he was there with me when it happened because I'm not sure what I would have done if I was by myself).

We were taken to Goodyear, a town I had never heard of, and the car was parked at Pep Boys*. My man's brother was kind enough to drive an hour to come get us and take us back to his house because it was too late for any tire places to be open. Luckily I was packed for an overnight stay so I was able to be clean and decent the next day. That morning we borrowed a car and headed back up to Goodyear and began a search for the cheapest tires known to man. It turn out Pep Boys is very very spendy and they have attitude. After a few hours of calling, haggling, taking off the tire ourselves, a few cuts and greasy hands, we had 4 new tires on my car (Discount Tire**). Unfortunately, we also found out my battery was dead so we had to get a new one of those (Brake Master***).

I think we were both a bit bummed about missing the trip, but the whole reason we were going is so we could spend time together and so far, we were able to be together for a full 24+ hours. But it didn't stop there! On Saturday evening I took him back to my house to watch Pokemon**** and hang out with my Aunt and Uncle. Once I got him back to his house (20 minutes away) we realized he was locked out with a dead cell so I took him back with me and put him in the guest room. The next day, we did the whole Sunday morning breakfast thing, went to church, then a family event for him and then back to my house for a game of Five Crowns. Once I took him back home that night, (luck wasn't finished with us yet), we realized that he was locked out again with no one answering their phones. We must be really patient because we just had a good laugh and I took him back home and he got the guest room again. 

* Pep Boys is a place I will never go back to. bad prices, bad service.
** Discount tire had very helpful guys who got the job done quickly and even let us use their big sink to wash the tire grease off our hands.
*** Brake Masters was very inexpensive, got the job done fast and waved the instillation fee as long as I promised never to go back to Pep Boys. ...done.
**** I have the first season on DVD :) I love Pokemon with a fiery passion. 

It is now Tuesday and things have been working out a bit better besides the fact I'm running on very little sleep. The man and I still get along just fine, not once did we get tired of each other (if he did, he wasn't saying) and I'm really enjoying having him around. Plans keep changing and it turns out that I will be going to California with him after all, but this time for Thanksgiving and we are going with his brother in his car (he has good tires). After a very busy weekend and almost no sleep, I'm still smiling like a buffoon and having a great time. I guess it's all about perspective and who you are with that makes a difference. 

*If you read this whole thing, you deserve a cookie. Let me know if you want some and I'll see what I can do.*

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