November 29, 2011

He Always Has Food On His Shirt

So there was a last minute decision for me to go to California with my boyfriend for Thanksgiving. His mother lived there so there was going to be a convergence of his family and I was invited. 6 hours in a car seems like a long time unless you're sitting next to your favorite person, holding hands and laughing about very stupid stuff. I was there from Wednesday night to Sunday and I had a great time. It's always interesting to look in on another family and watch their dynamics and interactions with each other.

Although I was with my sweetheart over the holiday, I couldn't help but miss my family. This was my first Thanksgiving away from home and it's funny how much one can take things for granted. It was definitely a good experience because it made me that much more thankful for my family.

I must say, I am still sleep deprived from this week. We did the Black Friday thing in L.A, leaving around 10pm and I don't think I crawled into bed until 6:30 when the light was starting to shine through the blinds. That's something I wouldn't mind doing once a year, but only if it's in a warm area. I can't imagine what it would be like to wait outside for hours in Colorado or anywhere colder than Cali (I was freezing even there).
Me and my boy JB

Rockin' the footies

 My boyfriend (fine, his name is Rich) was kind enough to take me to the Griffith Observatory where I had to take pictures of everything. From the rooftop you could see the Hollywood sign. I have to admit, I was kind of freaking out about that. I had seen it so many time in movies and then Bam! there it was in real life!

We also got to go to the Los Angeles temple and see all the Christmas lights up. I took some pictures but my phone doesn't do the real thing justice.

We also got to go to the beach but it was dark by that time so my picture taking spree ended. I was just glad I got to put my feet in the sand and be in the water for a bit. The ocean really does something to me. It helps me to stop and look in on my life with a new perspective. It seems so endless and it is a great place to just lose yourself in the waves and the smell and the moving sand. Now I want to go to another beach, but in the daylight this time. 

I'm going to go ahead and get a bit gooey and say that I miss Rich. We've got this great connection and miraculously, we have similar senses of humor (if we didn't there would be a whole lot of misunderstandings). I'm sure he's going to be a creeper and read this blog, knowing that I will probably mention him and his large biceps, so I will deny him the satisfaction of getting to read all the things I want to say about him. :)

Now I'm back into the 9-5 grind (8:30-5:30 actually) while I'm still mentally in LaLa Land. I'm just holding on till Christmas when I'll be able to see Rich again and I will be able to go home to my parents and revert back to a child with my siblings. I'm counting down the days.

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