September 30, 2011

Baby I Got Yo Numba

Woo hoo! This is a momentous occasion! My blog has hit 1,000 page views!! You're probably thinking "And...?". And nothing you bum. I'm just easily excited and wanted to celebrate! How I will do that, I'm not sure but there will be a party. Don't you worry about that!

Casual Friday today. It is considered one of the holiest days of the week by many 9-5ers. The sheer happiness I feel as I look down and realize that I'm wearing jeans is amazing. Being able to not worry about readjusting my pencil skirt every time I stand up is heavenly. The fact that I can walk to the mailbox without tripping over my heels makes me weep with joy! You get the picture. It's safe to say I'm one of those girls that loves the "jeans & tee" look. One night I was going to go speed dating as a young single adult activity. I spent 15 minutes trying on cute tops, skinny jeans with heels, and fixing my hair. Then I decided that if these people are going to like me, I'd rather they see me most normal. So, I took off the heels and wore slightly ripped jeans and a band shirt. Ten points for accepting who I really am!

It's no surprise that I didn't get any numbers that night. -_-

I'm going through this phase. It's almost bad as my book buying binges. This one is slightly more embarrassing but I love it none the less. I recently purchased a couple wigs. Yes, wigs. Don't ask me why. I received them about a week ago and they looked great! One of them even felt real. "Where will you wear a wig?" you ask. I'll tell you. These wigs will be worn on the weekend, in the evening, partying, shopping, going out to lunch, whatever I feel like. The only places I decided not to wear them is at work or at church because I will get sooooo many questions that I'm not prepared to answer, and everyone will think I'm weirder than I actually am, and I wont make any friends and I will MOST DEFINITELY not get any dates!

These are all facts.

See below for Normal Hair picture, Short Hair picture and Long Hair picture, all varying in hair color, hair style, and busty-ness.

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You'll like it extra if you're into Harry Potter :)

I Need An Impala

I must say I have been incredibly productive today. Here is my sticky note "To-do" list.

(A better entry is still to come)

(I promise)

September 28, 2011

Please. Get Yourself a Spare Key.

Misfortune likes to follow me around like an emaciated lion. I spent all my morning working really fast to file a few things for one of our attorneys. A quarter to 2:00, I decided it was time to go to Safeway and get some groceries, for I had been foodless for a few days now and had skipped breakfast this morning. So, famished, I walked through the isles saying no to myself.

"Can I have some cheezits?"
"No, those are so bad for you. You can only get Ritz"
"Aww... oh! How about some cookies to keep in the drawer?"
"No. We are getting a bag of candy for the whole office."
"Fine... pop tarts?"
".........*debating*, how about strawberries instead?"
This is how it goes for the rest of the time. Once I get to the register, I space out while the clerk is ringing me up.

"$82.54" he says. Ouch. I swipe the card and enter my pin. He tells me it was declined. Oh crap, I only had $70 something in checking. I then give him a few dollars and some change, then give back the bag of candy for the office. I was not happy with that.

So, I left Safeway with $3.25 in my checking. Once I get to the office I turn off my car, put my keys in my purse, open the door, lock it and close it. I pause. I look back in the car. The locked car. There sits my purse, keys, phone, and frozen food. I run inside and ask all the males in the office if they know how to break into a car. Some do, but not the kind of car I have. So after a few failed attempts involving a borrowed (stolen) car antennae and an office ornamental piece, I resign myself to failure and call a lock smith.

Within 30 minutes he's there. As I walk out to the car, THE hot man from the office next to mine coming walking in from the opposite direction. I casually mention what happened and he sympathizes and then tells me that I should have came and got him*. He knew a guy here that knew how to do it. This all happens as the locksmith runs my card for $125. I mentally slap myself and try not to look like a goober as I finish up the transaction.

Now I just want to go home. So it's time to look at the positives.
1. Although it cost me $125 for the 10.7 seconds it took to get it unlocked, he threw in a free spare key!
2. I did not look completely horrid today.
3. The food in my car did not completely thaw. I'm guessing it's all still edible.
4. I learned that I can unscrew car antennae.
5. I was able to talk to the hot guy even though I'm sure he sees me as an incompetent, forgetful little girl.

*I'd like to mention that this man has also helped me when I couldn't get the key to turn while I was trying to lock up one night, he showed me where to put coolant into my car since I told him I had a leak, and now he offering further services. And he's hot.


September 23, 2011

Not The Right Atmosphere For A Clever Title

I had a dream last night. I dream all the time actually, but last nights was something different. This morning it was still extremely detailed in my memory. I was going to write it down right when I got to work, but by the time I was out of the shower it had completely escaped my memory. Holding on to a dream is like holding onto a cat. You've got to keep constant focus on it or it'll slip right out of your grasp.

Back to last nights dream. I remember being led in a great mass of people into a huge underground cavern. The people "herding" us were Lord Voldemort, Bellatrix, and a few other androgynous Death Eaters. *Don't laugh, in the dream it made sense* I remember the atmosphere of the area was silent panic. There was a moment when I realized that this was it. We were all going to die in there. I looked around for anyone I knew, any familiar face at all. The throng of people moved quickly about, most likely doing the same thing I was doing. I was upset. I didn't want to die yet. I felt that this wasn't the right time and started to panic.

Then I saw a boy I knew (he will not be named and even thought I have a crush on him, I don't know him very well.) I was so happy to see him, to see anyone I knew. He seemed pretty relieved too. I ran up to him and he grabbed my hand (it's what you do in a deadly situation like that). I asked him if he knew what was happening. He had the same notion that I did, that this was the end. He looked at me and confessed his slight attraction for me, and I for him. He smiled a beautiful smile (he has one of the best smiles around) and said "I like everything you do". A very simple line, but I felt instantly better. It was a sweet gesture at this morbid time, so I did what any ill-fated heroine would do, I kissed him. This dream was extremely detailed, I noticed that his lips were dry but still warm. It was an urgent but simple kiss.  

I thought to myself, and knowing I faced inevitable death, I tried to calm down and prepare myself to die. Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to tell you that this is a hard thing. I truly felt the emotional pain, I stood there and held myself as I reconciled with what was about to happen. I can't describe the feeling, but it was one of the most intense feelings I've ever had. This is what I'm trying to convey to you; last night I mentally and emotionally went through the experience of coming to face my own death and having to accept that. A muted version of those feelings still hang over me today.

Now that I was ready to die, something caught my eye. It was my younger brother. Although he is 16 now, in the dream he was back to his 4 year old self.
Obviously, I couldn't allow any harm come to my little brother, so my brain went into Super Hero Mode. I grabbed him and frantically looked for an escape. By now, the bad guys were starting to load people into this huge metal holding compartment. I noticed a small crack in the wall and we were able to slip out of the cavern. We laid on our stomach and looked back into the crack. Once everyone was contained, they turned a machine on and gas started filling the chamber. I could hear their banging on the walls until it slowly quieted down to nothing. I pulled Joey up and we ran out of there.

Now that I look back on it, I feel terrible that I didn't stop to help the others, but I guess I can't change that. The rest of the dream consisted of running around in a "post apocalyptic" type world where there were only a few survivors. Keeping my brother safe was my only goal and I think I actually started accumulating other orphaned kids that I took care of as well. 

I have an idea on what the dream means but I won't go into that (if you ask me, I may tell you) but I just wanted to write it out. I don't want to forget this one. 

Sorry for the serious post, but it must happen from time to time. I just want you to know that I faced my own death, and I am proud of the way that I handled it. That is all.

September 19, 2011

A Day In The Life

I woke up this morning and felt like just laying in bed forever. My blankets were doing that thing where they are the warmest things in the world and my mattress was like "I decided I will mold perfectly to your shape right now." This creates the most comfortable bed experience ever. The only downside? 6:30 means I need to get my butt going or I'll be late for work. So, naturally at 6:50, I can stave it off no longer, and I roll from my bed. The room is a little spinny so I stop and take a moment to steady myself. Then I see my fish staring at me, converging at the corner of the tank closest to me, their happy little faces and tails wiggly with excitement. Distracted, I feed them and watch them dart around for a few minutes. Oops, back to getting ready! I brush my teeth while the shower is warming up and I simultaneously decide whether or not I need to shave my legs and which way I will style my hair. Also, I think of a new story idea. 

Once I was all squeaky clean, I styled my hair and thought of which movies I would like to star in. I find the most comfortable office appropriate outfit and debate if I should break in my new pink heels. Hmm, I'd probably just break my leg. Clad in comfy shoes, I spray my hair and start to walk out the door. But wait, should I put a flower in my hair? This takes about 2 minutes for me to make up my mind, walk back to my room, and clip the little blue flower into my locks. I'd say it was a good waste of time, seeing as I got compliment for the flower. *fist pump*

Once at work, I go into OFFICE MODE. This is a frightening experience, let me tell you. Filing receipts, checks, bank statements, they all go flying about! The keyboard can't keep up with my fingers as they tear across the keys at Mach Speed. Clients are satisfied as I quickly direct them to the attorney of their choosing, and all the mail was deftly sliced open, sorted and logged.

Lunch break rolls about. I get on blogger and read the new posts from my favorite writers, I decide I will (yet again) update my blog. This goes on for the rest of the break. Then, I think of my fish. They are so cute that I decide it's time for Time to hurry up and be 5:30 so I can go home and feed them! 

Then I come to the conclusion that I will die alone. 

Have a good day.

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September 16, 2011

Brain Vomit... Or Chunks. You pick.

I haven't posted much this week and I blame it on my dull life. Well, I won't say dull. It's just not the most exciting, event filled, action packed, gut wrenching, tear jerking, utterly romantic existence ever. I'm okay with that. Nothing has been really "blog worthy".

I am sitting here (at work) trying to motivate my brain. I drank too much water but I refuse to go to the bathroom right now because I know that in 10 minutes I will have to go again. My work is done, lunch has been eaten, my desk has been sanitized 10 times over. So now I write. 

Warning: Brain Vomit 

Tomorrow Ariel, David, and I will host another "Writer's Circle"; a group of inspiring authors who get together and share writing tips and strategies, complete writing exercises, and share writing that we have already been working on. We give constructive criticism and feedback, knowing that we wont hurt each others feelings due to the fact that we are pretty tactful (that's what we think). If you are interested, check out Word Faction, where you can submit your work for review or join us for our weekly (close enough) Writer's Circle meeting. 

This is basically how I feel right now.

This forced writing is just painful. 
"Forced?" You say. "Who is forcing you?" 
I am, gosh dang it! 
I'm forcing myself right now to write something, anything, just so my brain doesn't explode and get little chunks and goo all over this very nice computer monitor! 

I think the reason I feel so feisty right now is because my bladder is full. 
Excuse me one moment...

Okay, I'm back. I decided, whilst relieving my bladder, that I will share some secrets with you. Super exciting, right? So here they are:
  • The amount of time I spend on the computer each day is longer than the time I spend sleeping each night.
  • I am short, and my pants are too long, so I had to roll the hems up to keep them from dragging. Yeah, like your mother used to do to your pants when you were 5. 
  • I still daydream about Pokemon being real. I'm currently debating what my starting Pokemon will be.
  • Yes, I like boys but I will do nothing, nothing to pursue them. Woe is me.
  • The hair on my legs grow really really fast, so I need to shave every day (but I don't).
  • No matter what I say, spiders scare me. Crickets too.
  • I sleep with stuffed animals, but they are so full of character and spunk (and fluffy stuff) that I feel bad if one even falls out of the bed.
  • When riding on a plane I always, without fail, imagine the scenario of the plane plummeting to the ground and try to mentally prepare myself for my death.
That's enough secrets for now, and believe me, those aren't even the cool ones.

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September 12, 2011

We Will Not Be Silenced

I like my blog. It's like a journal that I can "pass around" for you to read, but it's mostly for selfish reasons that I write this. I just wanted to say, or rather, declare that this is my space and I will write exactly what I want, the whole truth, with no censorship. Don't get your panties in a bunch now, because I wont be posting anything profane or vulgar (at least not super vulgar) because that's just not me. I will not apologize for what I have to say, what I want to say; however, I will not be spilling any deep dark secrets on here. That goes on my secret blog (yes, I have two.)

Since I got older and a little more brave, I tend to say what I'm thinking but I enjoy using my freedom of speech, and no one is going to take that away from me. Ever. God bless those who fight so we can keep our freedom.

So now I declare that I will not be censored.

I will get off my soapbox now. Thank you.

Honestly, I've Never Seen Jersey Shore

Ariel and I were having a conversation on gmail chat and it sparked a good question. One of those age old questions like: where did we come from? Why are we here? Why is Jersey Shore still on air? See below for an excerpt of the conversation.

Why are you so white?
 Sent at 1:26 PM on Monday
 me:  ....This I don't know. It baffles me.
 Ariel:  That's okay.
There are worse things.
 me:  Like?
 Ariel:  ...
 me:  0_o but that might be fun. Funner than white.
I'd make friends
 Sent at 1:30 PM on Monday
 Ariel:  They'd put you down right quick.
 Sent at 1:31 PM on Monday
 me:  No way. Would you rather be friends with a person who is extremely pasty white or someone wild and unpredictable with rabies?
 Ariel:  Well...
It would be kind of fun to see what the rabies person would do...
And I could laugh at their foaming and frothing.
 Sent at 1:33 PM on Monday
 me:  exactly! But a white friend? They will only be white, and blind you with it, and you'll spend all your time asking yourself "Why is she so white?

This is true, don't you think? 

Art Feature! Check out Nanohikakou's Gallery!!

That is all.

September 07, 2011

A Side Note

Just a small side note. Those of you who read "Lessons I (re)Learned This Week", I went to the pet store with my receipt to get a refund for the fish that had died, and the lady asked me if I had the actual fish with me. Appalled, I asked if I was supposed to hold on to their rotting corpses until I had time to bring them in.

She said yes.

Travel, Books, and Hot Cops

Before I start, I wanted to point out the sheer coincidence that in my last post I bragged about never getting pulled over in my 3 years of driving and the very next day I got pulled over not 1 minute after leaving my house. I guess I was going 10 over in a residential area. Who knew? To tell you the truth, I found it all very exciting. The cop was very nice, had cool gloves, and a beautiful motorcycle (not to mention the classic aviators). I fought the urge to compliment his cool riding gear since I figured he wanted me to pay attention to the gentle reprimand he was giving. After graciously accepting my ticket and bidding the cop good day, I happily pulled out onto the road and sang the whole way to work.

I guess it's all about perspective.

There are a few things I want to touch on in this blog. The first was the ticket, next is books. Books: My true love. Mom, Ariel and I went to Half Priced Books again. I go there so often, yet I am able to find at least 5-8 books I must have and pay no more than $25, which is amazing. This last trip I was able to grab a complete collection of The Chronicles of Narnia in one book for only $4, The complete collection of Poe's works for $10, Bram Stoker's Dracula for $1.50, Sanctuary for $6, and a waste of money for a $a waste of money.  The money waster was a lame attempt at a vampire novel. True, I am a sucker for those (no pun intended), but they have to be the good stuff written like Anne Rice and Stephanie Meyer (me = Twilight book fan). This novel that I got had me cringing at each use of the word "totally" and "super cute". There is a limit to how many times OMG can be used in one chapter. *gag* Sadly enough, I am 1/3 of the way through it and I will have to finish it, because that's what I do. Maybe when I'm done I'll sell it back to Half Priced Books. Or burn it.

Hmm the next thing I would like to talk about... is... well I went to Washington this weekend. It was a long one in both in the good and bad sense. The good stuff is I was able to be home, laze about, help my Dad and brother clean the house in anticipation of my mother's return from her stay in AZ, sleep in my own bed, attend my old ward, and visit a few of my dear friends. The bad would be going to bed from 1:30-4:40 each night and waking up early. I must say I'm still recovering. But it was worth it to see everyone again and drive through the streets of the town I spent a good portion of my life in. It had a Twilight Zone feel to it, like I was there, but not physically there and it also made my last 8 months in Arizona feel like a dream.

Lots of mixed emotions. And some random pictures.
Right as we pulled into Sunnyside. Notice the Mexico sticker. Home sweet home.

Ariel about to attack Skylar while he slumbers. Not a safe idea.

Watching Despicable Me in 3D. Dad reaching out to "touch" it.

Reunited with Ariel's smelly cute dog, Archie.

Joey and I at the China Buffet, my last job. 

Me and my cat Buddha.

My buddy Kurt and I at church.

You thought I was going to forget...
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