September 16, 2011

Brain Vomit... Or Chunks. You pick.

I haven't posted much this week and I blame it on my dull life. Well, I won't say dull. It's just not the most exciting, event filled, action packed, gut wrenching, tear jerking, utterly romantic existence ever. I'm okay with that. Nothing has been really "blog worthy".

I am sitting here (at work) trying to motivate my brain. I drank too much water but I refuse to go to the bathroom right now because I know that in 10 minutes I will have to go again. My work is done, lunch has been eaten, my desk has been sanitized 10 times over. So now I write. 

Warning: Brain Vomit 

Tomorrow Ariel, David, and I will host another "Writer's Circle"; a group of inspiring authors who get together and share writing tips and strategies, complete writing exercises, and share writing that we have already been working on. We give constructive criticism and feedback, knowing that we wont hurt each others feelings due to the fact that we are pretty tactful (that's what we think). If you are interested, check out Word Faction, where you can submit your work for review or join us for our weekly (close enough) Writer's Circle meeting. 

This is basically how I feel right now.

This forced writing is just painful. 
"Forced?" You say. "Who is forcing you?" 
I am, gosh dang it! 
I'm forcing myself right now to write something, anything, just so my brain doesn't explode and get little chunks and goo all over this very nice computer monitor! 

I think the reason I feel so feisty right now is because my bladder is full. 
Excuse me one moment...

Okay, I'm back. I decided, whilst relieving my bladder, that I will share some secrets with you. Super exciting, right? So here they are:
  • The amount of time I spend on the computer each day is longer than the time I spend sleeping each night.
  • I am short, and my pants are too long, so I had to roll the hems up to keep them from dragging. Yeah, like your mother used to do to your pants when you were 5. 
  • I still daydream about Pokemon being real. I'm currently debating what my starting Pokemon will be.
  • Yes, I like boys but I will do nothing, nothing to pursue them. Woe is me.
  • The hair on my legs grow really really fast, so I need to shave every day (but I don't).
  • No matter what I say, spiders scare me. Crickets too.
  • I sleep with stuffed animals, but they are so full of character and spunk (and fluffy stuff) that I feel bad if one even falls out of the bed.
  • When riding on a plane I always, without fail, imagine the scenario of the plane plummeting to the ground and try to mentally prepare myself for my death.
That's enough secrets for now, and believe me, those aren't even the cool ones.

Art Feature time!!
Check out Sandara's Gallery!

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