September 07, 2011

Travel, Books, and Hot Cops

Before I start, I wanted to point out the sheer coincidence that in my last post I bragged about never getting pulled over in my 3 years of driving and the very next day I got pulled over not 1 minute after leaving my house. I guess I was going 10 over in a residential area. Who knew? To tell you the truth, I found it all very exciting. The cop was very nice, had cool gloves, and a beautiful motorcycle (not to mention the classic aviators). I fought the urge to compliment his cool riding gear since I figured he wanted me to pay attention to the gentle reprimand he was giving. After graciously accepting my ticket and bidding the cop good day, I happily pulled out onto the road and sang the whole way to work.

I guess it's all about perspective.

There are a few things I want to touch on in this blog. The first was the ticket, next is books. Books: My true love. Mom, Ariel and I went to Half Priced Books again. I go there so often, yet I am able to find at least 5-8 books I must have and pay no more than $25, which is amazing. This last trip I was able to grab a complete collection of The Chronicles of Narnia in one book for only $4, The complete collection of Poe's works for $10, Bram Stoker's Dracula for $1.50, Sanctuary for $6, and a waste of money for a $a waste of money.  The money waster was a lame attempt at a vampire novel. True, I am a sucker for those (no pun intended), but they have to be the good stuff written like Anne Rice and Stephanie Meyer (me = Twilight book fan). This novel that I got had me cringing at each use of the word "totally" and "super cute". There is a limit to how many times OMG can be used in one chapter. *gag* Sadly enough, I am 1/3 of the way through it and I will have to finish it, because that's what I do. Maybe when I'm done I'll sell it back to Half Priced Books. Or burn it.

Hmm the next thing I would like to talk about... is... well I went to Washington this weekend. It was a long one in both in the good and bad sense. The good stuff is I was able to be home, laze about, help my Dad and brother clean the house in anticipation of my mother's return from her stay in AZ, sleep in my own bed, attend my old ward, and visit a few of my dear friends. The bad would be going to bed from 1:30-4:40 each night and waking up early. I must say I'm still recovering. But it was worth it to see everyone again and drive through the streets of the town I spent a good portion of my life in. It had a Twilight Zone feel to it, like I was there, but not physically there and it also made my last 8 months in Arizona feel like a dream.

Lots of mixed emotions. And some random pictures.
Right as we pulled into Sunnyside. Notice the Mexico sticker. Home sweet home.

Ariel about to attack Skylar while he slumbers. Not a safe idea.

Watching Despicable Me in 3D. Dad reaching out to "touch" it.

Reunited with Ariel's smelly cute dog, Archie.

Joey and I at the China Buffet, my last job. 

Me and my cat Buddha.

My buddy Kurt and I at church.

You thought I was going to forget...
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