September 28, 2011

Please. Get Yourself a Spare Key.

Misfortune likes to follow me around like an emaciated lion. I spent all my morning working really fast to file a few things for one of our attorneys. A quarter to 2:00, I decided it was time to go to Safeway and get some groceries, for I had been foodless for a few days now and had skipped breakfast this morning. So, famished, I walked through the isles saying no to myself.

"Can I have some cheezits?"
"No, those are so bad for you. You can only get Ritz"
"Aww... oh! How about some cookies to keep in the drawer?"
"No. We are getting a bag of candy for the whole office."
"Fine... pop tarts?"
".........*debating*, how about strawberries instead?"
This is how it goes for the rest of the time. Once I get to the register, I space out while the clerk is ringing me up.

"$82.54" he says. Ouch. I swipe the card and enter my pin. He tells me it was declined. Oh crap, I only had $70 something in checking. I then give him a few dollars and some change, then give back the bag of candy for the office. I was not happy with that.

So, I left Safeway with $3.25 in my checking. Once I get to the office I turn off my car, put my keys in my purse, open the door, lock it and close it. I pause. I look back in the car. The locked car. There sits my purse, keys, phone, and frozen food. I run inside and ask all the males in the office if they know how to break into a car. Some do, but not the kind of car I have. So after a few failed attempts involving a borrowed (stolen) car antennae and an office ornamental piece, I resign myself to failure and call a lock smith.

Within 30 minutes he's there. As I walk out to the car, THE hot man from the office next to mine coming walking in from the opposite direction. I casually mention what happened and he sympathizes and then tells me that I should have came and got him*. He knew a guy here that knew how to do it. This all happens as the locksmith runs my card for $125. I mentally slap myself and try not to look like a goober as I finish up the transaction.

Now I just want to go home. So it's time to look at the positives.
1. Although it cost me $125 for the 10.7 seconds it took to get it unlocked, he threw in a free spare key!
2. I did not look completely horrid today.
3. The food in my car did not completely thaw. I'm guessing it's all still edible.
4. I learned that I can unscrew car antennae.
5. I was able to talk to the hot guy even though I'm sure he sees me as an incompetent, forgetful little girl.

*I'd like to mention that this man has also helped me when I couldn't get the key to turn while I was trying to lock up one night, he showed me where to put coolant into my car since I told him I had a leak, and now he offering further services. And he's hot.


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