September 19, 2011

A Day In The Life

I woke up this morning and felt like just laying in bed forever. My blankets were doing that thing where they are the warmest things in the world and my mattress was like "I decided I will mold perfectly to your shape right now." This creates the most comfortable bed experience ever. The only downside? 6:30 means I need to get my butt going or I'll be late for work. So, naturally at 6:50, I can stave it off no longer, and I roll from my bed. The room is a little spinny so I stop and take a moment to steady myself. Then I see my fish staring at me, converging at the corner of the tank closest to me, their happy little faces and tails wiggly with excitement. Distracted, I feed them and watch them dart around for a few minutes. Oops, back to getting ready! I brush my teeth while the shower is warming up and I simultaneously decide whether or not I need to shave my legs and which way I will style my hair. Also, I think of a new story idea. 

Once I was all squeaky clean, I styled my hair and thought of which movies I would like to star in. I find the most comfortable office appropriate outfit and debate if I should break in my new pink heels. Hmm, I'd probably just break my leg. Clad in comfy shoes, I spray my hair and start to walk out the door. But wait, should I put a flower in my hair? This takes about 2 minutes for me to make up my mind, walk back to my room, and clip the little blue flower into my locks. I'd say it was a good waste of time, seeing as I got compliment for the flower. *fist pump*

Once at work, I go into OFFICE MODE. This is a frightening experience, let me tell you. Filing receipts, checks, bank statements, they all go flying about! The keyboard can't keep up with my fingers as they tear across the keys at Mach Speed. Clients are satisfied as I quickly direct them to the attorney of their choosing, and all the mail was deftly sliced open, sorted and logged.

Lunch break rolls about. I get on blogger and read the new posts from my favorite writers, I decide I will (yet again) update my blog. This goes on for the rest of the break. Then, I think of my fish. They are so cute that I decide it's time for Time to hurry up and be 5:30 so I can go home and feed them! 

Then I come to the conclusion that I will die alone. 

Have a good day.

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