September 30, 2011

Baby I Got Yo Numba

Woo hoo! This is a momentous occasion! My blog has hit 1,000 page views!! You're probably thinking "And...?". And nothing you bum. I'm just easily excited and wanted to celebrate! How I will do that, I'm not sure but there will be a party. Don't you worry about that!

Casual Friday today. It is considered one of the holiest days of the week by many 9-5ers. The sheer happiness I feel as I look down and realize that I'm wearing jeans is amazing. Being able to not worry about readjusting my pencil skirt every time I stand up is heavenly. The fact that I can walk to the mailbox without tripping over my heels makes me weep with joy! You get the picture. It's safe to say I'm one of those girls that loves the "jeans & tee" look. One night I was going to go speed dating as a young single adult activity. I spent 15 minutes trying on cute tops, skinny jeans with heels, and fixing my hair. Then I decided that if these people are going to like me, I'd rather they see me most normal. So, I took off the heels and wore slightly ripped jeans and a band shirt. Ten points for accepting who I really am!

It's no surprise that I didn't get any numbers that night. -_-

I'm going through this phase. It's almost bad as my book buying binges. This one is slightly more embarrassing but I love it none the less. I recently purchased a couple wigs. Yes, wigs. Don't ask me why. I received them about a week ago and they looked great! One of them even felt real. "Where will you wear a wig?" you ask. I'll tell you. These wigs will be worn on the weekend, in the evening, partying, shopping, going out to lunch, whatever I feel like. The only places I decided not to wear them is at work or at church because I will get sooooo many questions that I'm not prepared to answer, and everyone will think I'm weirder than I actually am, and I wont make any friends and I will MOST DEFINITELY not get any dates!

These are all facts.

See below for Normal Hair picture, Short Hair picture and Long Hair picture, all varying in hair color, hair style, and busty-ness.

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