August 31, 2011

Lessons I (re)Learned This Week

Unfortunately, you can't go a day without learning something new, even if it's just a small realization. I thought a good idea for a blog would be to revisit those lessons and share them with anyone that will read them. Seriously, I'm not picky. So, here we go!

Lesson #1 - PetSmart has a two week return policy on fish. 
I really had no idea. I bought my first few fish at Petco (just because it was closer) and later bought a few more at PetSmart (about 8 of them). The lady who was so kind to have snatched up my fish told me if some didn't make it, I could get a refund. Well, I didn't plan on letting them die, but low and behold, every single last one of my fish that I got from PetSmart died, including 4 from Petco. Devastated, I took a water sample to the store to see what deadly thing was killing them all.
Tester Lady: "Your water is fine!"

Me: "Then why are my fish dying??!?"

Tester Lady:  I don't know!

Time to use that refund policy.


Lesson #2 - Bruce Willis is all man.
You must be thinking, "You just learned this??" To that my reply would be "well, kinda." For as long as I have known who Bruce Willis is, I knew he was the roughest, toughest, hottest, smartest, sweetest, cool man ever (until my future husband comes along), but this week I got to watch a movie with him in it *cough pulp fiction cough cough* and he was hands down, my favorite character. I was watching it and my sister said "Holy cow, Bruce Willis is all man. And I though, yes. Yes he is.


Lesson #3 - Everyone is a bad driver. Some are just worse than others.
This is completely true. No one who has ever driven a car can say that they have never sped, got a ticket, bumped a car, or anything else for that matter, went over the curb, parked badly, on accident or purposefully cut someone off, drove too slow, made someone car sick, etc. We have all done it. I was driving the other day and I was congratulating myself on being such a good driver. Never even been pulled over! But then I almost took a wrong turn and quickly swerved back into my original lane. Did I even check to see is anyone was behind me? Nope. That could have been messy.


Lesson #4 - Always have a spare key.
I was at an estrogen filled party last night, similar to one of those Tupperware parties. The evening went well and we all had fun. My sister works early in the morning so she decided to leave a little early. Not 3 minutes later, she comes back in. She had locked the keys in her car, while the car was running (she has bad luck with cars). Anyway, there was no spare key in existence and a locksmith had to be called, and those guys are not cheap! So we plan to get her a spare or two for next time. I probably will too.


Lesson #5 - A week is too short to learn more than 4 lessons.
Maybe next week I will have more life shaking lessons learned.

She's got some amazing photography skills!

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  1. A dead fish refund?! I had no idea! Those suckers must die, like all the time. I wouldn't know though, because I hate gold fish something fierce.