August 19, 2011

Like A Boss

So I'm feeling especially friendly and awfully nice. Today is glorious Friday! So wonderful, in fact, that there should be a song in it's honor! Oh, wait... never mind. Anyway, I'm feeling like a social butterfly today: chatting up my coworkers, handling the phones like a boss, and pwning like a savage with the walk-in clients. Why is this day so good? I don't think I'll tell you, but it has to do with a small, insignificant thing that happened this morning that I probably over-thought and blew way out of proportion... which is how I roll.

I also feel really cool because I changed the water jug on the water cooler... without struggling! I'm sure everyone in the office appreciated it. Cool water for everybody!!! : D

The only thing that would make this day better, is if I could go home already. I love work, but I'm ready to fire the engines and start the weekend. Speaking of engines, my car is currently in the repair shop... sad day.  But hopefully I hear back from them today that absolutely nothing is wrong with my car, and that the noises I heard was me over reacting again, AND that my car is actually getting YOUNGER and has LESS miles on it then I originally thought! Wunderbar! Ich liebe mein auto!! Ich liebe alle menschen! Kommentar wenn Sie zu übersetzen hatte!! <-  yelling in German.

Hooray for Google, right? Anyway, to further my niceness streak today, I am now going to feature a Deviant Art artist at the end of my blog for each entry, so I want you guys to check them out and appreciate them, like I do.

Check out Terribly's Gallery!

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