August 30, 2011

Uncomfortable Birthday Bash!

I'm entirely obsessed with my stats. And by that I mean the ones regarding how many times my blog is viewed. I know not many people visit (about 7 today already!!) but I do get very excited when I see I had 181 views in the last months! Then I remind myself that half the people don't even read it and probably just skip on to the next blog. Then I remind myself that it doesn't matter if anybody read it because I was doing this for the sake of writing.

I totally lost my train of thought. At work yesterday, we had a birthday party. With myself being the receptionist, it is my duty to order a cake and select a card. The first few birthdays were stressful for me, I could tell you why but then you would think I was a weenie. Those first few times, I got cakes that were way too big and cards that were generically festive. I was the new girl and I hadn't quite got a hold of the humor of each employee, the fact that some of them even had a sense of humor was debatable. So to play it safe, I got the cards that said something along the lines of- "you're a good person, this is a celebration". 

Now that I've been here a while and I got my sass back (which is a necessity if you work around some of these attorneys) I decided it was time for a funny card. The attorney whose birthday it was is a younger guy with a subtle, yet witty sense of humor. In the card section of Fry's, I noticed a Star Wars card (which I now think is a little odd). I picked out out and was about to leave when I noticed dear Edward Cullen looking at me with smoldering eyes. The card said something to the affect of "Hope your birthday doesn't bite, *open card* except in that cute vampire sort of way". 

To say the least, everybody in the office got a good kick out of it. The birthday boy looked slightly pink in the cheeks but accepted the card with grace. I saw later that he had stood it up on his desk the rest of the day. That day, I really took what one of the attorneys had to say to heart. He told me that birthday celebrations aren't for the celebrated, but for the celebrators. That sounds right to me. We celebrate so we can eat their cake, to give them cards that make them feel more than slightly uncomfortable, and share a great day among friends. But mostly to make them uncomfortable.

I'm just thankful my birthday isn't for another 10 months.

Once again, it's time for my Art Feature! 
Here is a link to Chikara's Gallery
She is actually a fellow Washingtonian and went to the same high school as me! Check out her work; she really is full of creativity and talent! She's even drawn me a couple of times which puts her pretty high in my book. :)

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  1. You work at a law firm too?! (I'm assuming...) how fun! Do you hate it as much as I do?