August 08, 2011

Before I Fade Away...

Not sure why this came to me, but I started thinking about the things I want to do before I die.  Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that I wont keel over at any moment from a random brain aneurysm, so I don't want to be totally obsessed with this list.  These are the things I would like to get done, that I would like to do. If for some reason, whether it be death, disability, or the apocalypse, that stops me from finishing this list, I can honestly say I wont be too upset. If you want to know why, you will have to read my mind.  Although some of you may already know.

Now as I get older, money is becoming an important part of life, and the accumulation of such is a necessary task. In the money aspect, I would like to be able to pay for my own college without the help of my parents. With 4 other children besides me, they have enough to worry about.  I would also like to never own a credit card and never have to go into debt.  I believe with strict planning and budgeting, this can be possible.

Now travel.  I would love to say I plan to travel the world, but seeing as I am a being of logic, I will say I want to go to a select few places.  To begin, Rome. Splendid, powerful Rome (in it's glory years). If you mention it around my sister or I, we will assume a glassy-eyed dreamy expression and a smile of fascination. I would have to take my sister with me if I didn't want her to slit my throat when I got back.  Also, I would like to go to South America for the sole purpose of walking through ancient ruins. New York would also be pleasant to stroll through.

'Things to accomplish', I think to myself as I eat my Curious George fruit snacks. Well, I'd have to say I want to be in a dance performance with the costumes and everything. Paint something that can be sold for over $100.  Get published. Even if that means just a short story. But I will finish at least one novel. I want to find a wonderful man and marry him. I want to decorate a whole house, that includes painting the walls to my liking. I want to swim in a warm ocean and go on a horseback adventure.

I actually thought this list would be much longer, but then again, there are a few things I omitted for the sake of personal matters. And as I said before, not all of this needs to happen for me to have a fulfilled life.

Write your own list, or comment your ideas below. <3

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