July 26, 2011

For the Sake of Samus' Sanity

I'm sad to say I just don't get along with myself.  I never listen to me, and I constantly criticize and belittle me.  The worst part is we have to share a room and work together all day.  So here I am, sitting at my desk.  Nothing to do.  And all I hear is me nagging at myself to get back to work.  I'd like to see her do some work!  Oh!  And then the handsome older man from the business next door is walking by.

"Don't look up, don't look up..."
"Would you stop talking please??"
"Oh, he's going to see you talking to yourself."
"You're the one who keeps on talking!!"
"Ooo, he saw us."

The man passes.  Do you see what I mean? I'm insufferable.  Not to mention my hair is being all crazy today.  It's about time I get a haircut.  And I blame myself for how I'm dressed.  I look like a Frump Master.  (If you don't know what that is, sound it out).  The handsome man walks past again with his chiseled chin and I curse my young age.

At this point I'm writing for the sake of sanity.

One thing I do, which is almost a good idea, is write down bits of inspiration I have throughout the day for stories, drawings, projects, etc.  I put these mostly on little sticky notes and place it is my purse.  The only bad part is I throw everything else in my purse, so unless I go through and clean it out, those ideas will be no more that paper to spit my gum into.  Speaking of which, I would love to be drawing right now.  I would love to be wearing no shoes, shorts, and a baggy tee.  I would love to be laying on my couch at this very moment, maybe even reading one of my numerous books.

I would also love to ride a unicorn home from work today while wearing Samus' Battle Suit, but we know how much of a possibility that is.

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