July 25, 2011

Stomach Monsters

Ten minutes till I'm off work.  Just wanted to write that I have purchased 15 new books in the past week and a half. I'm on a roll! I still need to figure out when I will have time to read all of them.

Last night I was having a terrifying nightmare when I realized, 'Hey, maybe I should just wake up'. So I did, but it took some time laying there in the dark to try and calm my mind. Focus my thoughts on something entirely different. I didn't want anymore dreams about monsters popping out of my bloody stomach. I remember when I was little and sharing a room with my sisters; whenever I woke up from a bad dream I would just turn to I could see my sister, Ariel , and it helped me come back to reality and I always slept much better after that. So if you read this, Ariel, thanks.

Four minutes to go, and I have to pee. Ttyl!

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