August 25, 2011

Depression With A Side Of Cool Links

Everyone gets those downer days, right? The times when our day just goes south, or maybe the day was perfectly fine but for some strange reason you can't seem to shake the little grey cloud that hovers above your head. Rain and lightning included.

Yesterday was one of those days for me (and it seems to be spilling into today). A mixture of tired and hopeless is the worst way to start your day. Yesterday after work I was physically, mentally, and emotionally beat. The drive home consisted of listening to only the saddest songs on my iPod at full volume. Why is it that when you're depressed the things that appeal to you most are being alone, sad songs, and heart-wrenching movies? I guess when you're that low, everything else around you has to match.

Once I was home, I slipped out of my uncomfortable work clothes and put on the softest shirt I possessed, some sweat pants and a jacket (yes, I live in Arizona, but my Aunt loves to crank up the AC). Once properly attired, I grabbed a worn down copy of Twilight* and poured myself a bowl of sugary cereal. All alone in the house, I wallowed in my misery... and loved every second of it. I even contemplated watching 7 Pounds (for those who haven't seen it, it's wonderfully depressing. One of my all-time favorites), or maybe even The Road. (But I have to read it first!!! *insert rage face*)

For some reason, my favorite movies and/or books are the ones where the main character dies, but it has to be in the perfect way or at least well written/filmed. Nothing makes a story more profound then "Oh my gosh... he's dead. WTH?!?" So if anyone has any good recommendations for sad movies, books or music, let me know!

*I must not have been that depressed, because if I was I probably would have grabbed New Moon, which is by far one of the most depressing books I've read.

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  1. you don't know me...but i automatically like you because of the following quote: Nothing makes a story more profound then "Oh my gosh... he's dead. WTH?!?" ....ahahaha