November 02, 2011

A Novel Or Hairy Legs? You Decide!

I've mentioned a couple times that I will be writing a book. Actually, I will be writing a lot more than one if I have my way. Today I read about National Novel Writing Month (which is November*) from my favorite blogger (thanks Kara). Naturally, since 'all things writing' gets me excited, I made an account and now a goal to have a novel finished by December! yeah right. I can dream, can't I? I will try my hardest to reach the goal, but if it's not done by December, I won't sweat it. I'll just keep working till it's done!

So today is my story outlining day and one of the outline questions was to sum up my story in 1-3 sentences (actually it was 1-2 but I failed at that) kind of like the back of the book. So here is my semi-cheesy blurb.  

Almost a century after the First Annihilation things are starting to look up. The Demons that almost wiped out the human race are now under control, registered, and functioning members of society along with the Angels that saved the human race from extinction, but what most people don’t know is that there is growing unrest amongst the demons and someone is planning a second Annihilation. It’s up to Zyon, a demon and traitor to her kind, and a secret group called the 4th Division to stop the uprising before humanity is wiped out for good. 

Don't worry, I plan for the story to be waaay more epic then that sounds. 

*It's also No Shave November but I don't think the office would appreciate it if I neglected my legs for a month.

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