October 07, 2011

Stamps, Grass, Steak, and Words.

This has been a less than wonderful week. I've had this strange illness come over me which is even more strange due to the fact that I don't usually get sick. If you've ever donated blood, you may be familiar with the paper they give you afterwards saying "If you get a fever afterwards and feel like you're dying, call us". I gave blood last Saturday and for the rest of the day it felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest. It was probably freaking out like" Oh my gosh, we're running out of blood!! Must. Pump. FASTER!!!!" But seriously, I've had a slight fever all week accompanied by aches, chills, dizziness, and a headache. All week. I normally don't take pills but when an illness get in the way of functioning at work, I will drug myself up and pay for it later.

Now on to things I have learned.

1. I'm in love with the mail man.
One of my responsibilities at work is to retrieve the mail, sort it, log it, and distribute. What I have discovered is that I absolutely love doing the mail. I would be undeniably happy if I could work in a mail place. Opening mail, sending mail, sealing it up and putting a stamp on it. Heavenly. So now whenever I see the Mail Man zoom past my window, I give him a salutatory fist pump. A recognition of one mail lover to another. This is why I love the mail man. Also because he wears shorts, a sun hat, and tall socks that poke out of his sneakers. He would be the man of my dreams, if only I was born 30 years ago.

2. I miss mowing the lawn.
What seems like a chore to most people, mowing the law was something I looked forward to. I'd wake up on Saturday morning and postpone my shower. I'd hop into some shorts and a tee and trek out into the tangled yard. I put on a dust mask, plug in my ear buds to listen to some epic lawn mowing music and top that off with some large ear protectors. There is almost no better smell than freshly cut grass. When I get my own house, I will need a lawn. A decent sized one with real grass. This is vital to my happiness.

3. I am a hypocrite in the worst way.
Last night as I sat "watching" sports with my Uncle John, I chastised him on the importance of eating healthy and buying fresh food. I told him that his sleeping patterns will get better and he'd feel healthier. There are few things more important that your health. Then I took a bite of my pepperoni pizza and got some BBQ sauce for the stake he had cooked. 

4. Using words you don't know the meaning of? Dictionary.com.
This is a common occurrence. I'm typing away at mach speed and then come across a word I think fits the sentence but am not entirely sure. There is nothing worse than someone using a word that they obviously don't know the meaning of. It's worse when they throw a big cool sounding word in there, just to make them seem smarter. To avoid this, I keep Dictionary.com a click away to be sure I am using something correctly and therefore, not sounding like a complete dweeb.

This is all for now. Have an epic weekend.

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