October 28, 2011

I Refuse To Be A Sexy Cop

My goal every Halloween is to be really cool looking, and every year I fall short. Sometimes I'm almost there but it would have been 57x better if I had prepared beforehand. This year I have the same goal; however, I just realized that the parties are this Saturday and I have most of my costume. Not all. Most. 

I'm guessing you want to know what I'm going to be. I will tell you because the worst thing is when I dress up and everyone asks "So...what are you?" I know I probably dress as obscure and made up things so it's a legitimate question, but I have spent the last month and a half coming up with and planning out this costume so my thoughts are how can you not know that I am a generic action hero/zombie apocalypse survivor? Yes, that is what I am this year. I think I look kind of cool. Alas, it is not complete. 

At least I'm not going as a sexy banana or something like that. I'm pretty sure there is a costume out there like that. The costume creators have the easiest jobs, they think of random objects or professions and then change it to a mini shirt and v neck top. Add some thigh high stockings and heels and tada! A sexy banana! 

(I fixed her face to make me feel better about myself)

(at least I'm honest)

Have a safe and happy Halloween and take lots of pictures! I know I will!

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