October 14, 2011

I Actually Think The Combat Boots Helped

Last week I was invited to go to a haunted house on Saturday. After excitedly buying the tickets and putting the date on my calendar, I remembered that I don't like scary things like that and was horrified that I had paid $25 just to scream and be made fun of. -_- I've never been to a haunted house before. I'm pretty sure a "haunted" corn maze was the closest thing to scary I've been to. As for scary things in general, I don't mind scary movies... as long as I watch them in the day time and then have the whole day to replace the images with nicer things.

Since I had paid the money and didn't want to bail on my friend, I gathered any courage I had hiding in the corners, donned my combat boots and my favorite jacket (so no one could touch me) and went out the door.

Anyone who has ever been with me to Silverwood, Disneyland, or a state fair, they will know the horrible fear I have of those life size characters that run about giving hugs and fliers. At the haunted house they had similar things but non of them were anything like Mickey or Sully and we're interested in giving you a flier.
(I cringe when looking at this. Run, kids! Run!!)

I tried my very hardest to be brave. I tried jamming my hands into my pockets but they kept flying up to my mouth whenever I screamed or squeaked or did an odd combination of the two. The group of friends I went with sure got a kick out of it. Something scary would happen and they would turn and look back at me to see my reaction! One guy in our group thought it would be funny to scare me himself but he thought wrong and got my fist flying into his shoulder.

To tell the truth, I would have loved to have had a gun in there and got rid of all the creepers, but sadly they were just underpaid nerds who get a kick out of making girls scream.

I will admit it was fun once I was out of there and I'm glad I went, mostly because we went to Denny's afterwards and we were "That Table". The one the waitress wanted to kick out. This followed by a Walmart run for contact solution and a thermometer.

I think it's safe to say that I'm a pansy, BUT  I can and will beat the crap out of anyone who says so!
Got it? :)


  1. I can't stand going to those things, and I'm a full-grown man. I just don't get wanting to be scared out of your wits. Glad you had fun though.


    Fickle Cattle

  2. Oh...Haley...Haley...Haley...I miss you so!!!