October 20, 2011

All My Hate For The Week

Today I will write about something I really hate. I know that "hate" is a strong word but it applies in this situation. What could she possibly hate? you ask. It's simple: Christmas music. I know. I can hear you gasping from here, but it's true. Before you burn me at the stake, however, I'd like to clarify. The only Christmas music I don't hate are the hymns that we sing in church around the holidays. One of my favorites is Angels We Have Heard On High. This may due to the fact that there is a part in the chorus and instead of singing "Glooooooooria in excelsis Deo" my young child self thought it was "O-ooooooooreo, in ex Chelsea's day-o". I liked oreos, okay?

Anyway, church Christmas music is fine. What I can't stand is Jingle Bells, any child song, any soulful renditions done by Christina Agulaira, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, etc. I think you get the point. I just can't stand them. Thankfully it's not even Halloween yet so we still have until Thanksgiving before I have to abandon my radio and steer clean of any shopping departments. 

I also hate pictures like this during the holiday season:

You know what else I hate? This:

I'm contemplating deleting that... :S

Sorry for all the hate. I'm just very passionate. How about I leave you with something I love? Here you go:

Art Feature!

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  1. I hate that it's almost the holiday season! how horrible is that?