October 21, 2011

Proud LOTR Nerd

It's amazing how many brilliant* ideas I have in a single day. Sometimes a random thought just pops into my head and I think, "Hmm that would be funny if.." or "Maybe I should try...". This goes on all day but the worst part is, by the time I have time to do it, I totally forgot the idea. There is nothing better than that raw, first time inspiration. It's either do it now or never.

I try really hard to write down these little rays of inspiration. The sticky note idea isn't working out.**

Today on my way to work, I had this funny thought. So you know what I did? I took time during my lunch break to follow through with it. See below for the end product

*What I consider brilliant may not be exactly what everyone else thinks.
**I would link this back to the post, but I have no idea which one it is.  -_- fail.

(my favorite part about this picture is his body is actually 
the body of a large black woman. Hooray for Photoshop!)

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