October 24, 2012

I Need A Stress Ball

I am sucking so bad at this blogging thing right now. Things are piling up for me to do in all aspects of my life.  A few huge projects at work were placed on my desk and I've been slaving over those to get them finished within the deadline. As a result, all my normal work, like the mail and such, is getting backlogged into a huge mound! I'm having a hard time catching up, especially since my brain is running in several places at once.

Ariel's wedding is right around the corner and that brings along a lot of work and planning. I'm sure Ariel has it worse off than me with the wedding stress but it's still bouncing around in my brain all day. That mixed with worrying about my writing class assignments where I will soon be forced to create a literary work of art (says me) that only fills three pages and then present that to the class (which is equivalent to bearing my inner soul) and have them critique it.

Also, I'm still paying off those stinkin' hospital bill from my unfortunate ant bite and trying to replenish my savings account at the same time. And even though Adam is a fantastic help and makes me relax and slow down a bit, he decides to start investigating the Navy. Just too much is going on right now. My brain needs a break, lest I implode from stress and pressure.

I have not been able to sit and draw for I don't know how long. That was my outlet. That and writing, which is now turned into a deadlined assignment.

I don't want to sound complaining because having stuff to do is better than having nothing going on. I just need some time to sit outside and just stop for a moment and breathe and do nothing else but exist. Soon. Soon.

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