October 10, 2012

Too Tired To Photoshop

I got to work today and then decided that my outfit was horribly awkward. From the front I guess it looks pretty swell but from behind? It looks like I have a lunch lady back and you can see my underwear lines, as well as my undershirt. I decided I will just try to stay seated all day and make sure no one sees my posterior.

The front of my awkward outfit. 
I will not show you the back. 
See how tired I look?!?
And I still have class until 10 tonight!!!

I'm debating whether or not I should dump my hot chocolate down my front so I will have a good excuse to go home and not come back.* Maybe I could throw in a couple tears as well.

I have been so sleep deprived lately that I just want to sleep where ever I go. For a couple of nights I was helping Adam finish a paper for class but last night we decided to have a movie night. We didn't get to his house from Institute until 9:20 and then we decided to make dinner before we went to my house to watch The Importance of Being Ernest, but we both got a sweet tooth and decided to stop at the store to get brownie mix.

After burning the first batch, perfecting the second, and finishing the movie we decided to call it a night (it was now about 12:30am). Then I had a long night of dreams with hostages and nerve gas and I woke up at 6:30. I wanted nothing more than to melt with my mattress and call in dead to work.

A good thing about this week, I got several new books in the mail that I'm very excited to get through. Also, the amount of books I own now necessitate an entirely new bookshelf. I love books so much. I hope you are  one of those people who feel the same. There is an escape that can be found in books that no other means can provide. It can instantly teleport you to a different time and place. Heck, it can transform you into a different person for a few hours. There is no other way to do that!

So.... you should pick up a book and start reading. If you don't know what to read, just ask and I'll give you a recommendation. Or you could check out my book blog for my reviews.

* I ended up drinking all my hot chocolate. It was too good to waste. Looks like I'll be at the office all day now.

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