October 24, 2012

My Life In Pictures

I love picture. I always say that I'll start taking more, but we all know I'm full of crap. But here are some pictures on my life as of late. Mostly for my own enjoyment.

I've been spending a lot of time with Adam's little sisters and I must say,
they are a riot! They're both pretty young but already very witty and wild, as you can see. 

Here we are at a masquerade  Please ignore the cleavage. I tried to Photoshop it out but 
that looked even more awkward. 

Ariel and Michael with a very cool sculpture on Mill. It was pretty hidden behind a office building 
but it looked like massive crystals bursting from the ground. So cool!

Sporting new attire: Adam's stolen shorts, flip-flops, and a mismatching jacket.

My cute little brother, Joey with our niece, Claire. Both looking very happy.

We found this amazing drawing bored at World Market. If you want to send me money so 
I can get this, I would love you forever.

The Parental Units, reunited after my mom's 3 week AZ vacation.

Claire again, looking like trouble.

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