October 03, 2012

A Very Large Crouton

I'm still alive. These past few weeks have been amazingly busy with school, wedding planning (not mine *sob*), and family emergencies. Thankfully things are calming down just a bit. Actually, they aren't. I'm not sure why I said that. Things are just as crazy as before but thanks to a new medication*, I'm not freaking out.

Here are some very cool things going on in my life as of late:

- Work is going well. The intern is no longer a threat to my sanity. He is actually a friend now and very fun to chat with in a non-intimidating way. We are also going to be moving right after Thanksgiving to a bigger building in the same complex. I get a very cool, modern reception area.

- School is in full force. Which is to say, my one class is going well. Despite my initial aversion to my teacher, I can accept the good with the bad. The homework thing is great as well because it's mostly reading and, let's face it, those who write usually like to read. Therefore, homework is a treat for me.

- Health wise, I haven't been totally normal since the ant bite and I'm royally pissed. Thankfully I'm chipping away at the rather large bills coming in thanks to my habits of saving (there goes all my school savings).

- Romantically, Adam and I are having so much fun! We recently went to a super hero themed party and were looking so fly (see foto below). I'm also making a painting for him and he's writing songs for me. I think we've got a pretty good deal worked out here.
Batman and Robin, now with t-shirts and jeans!

Us, trying to be so very cute. 

Not sure if he's "feeling the music" or falling asleep.

- Family wise, everything is kind of going haywire but that's okay because we're a cool family that knows how to stick together when things get rough. 

- I found this really amazing crouton today and I couldn't help but to share my excitement. Isn't that amazing?? It also tasted really really good and lasted much longer than a normal crouton. This may be the highlight of my day! :)

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