October 31, 2012

In Celebration Of All Hallows Eve

The first debut of my entire* costume was on Monday night and I must say, we looked so cool!! I wish I had my hair dark to look more like Selene (from Underworld) but there's no way I'm dying my hair again. Adam was a good sport and dressed up as my vampire boyfriend, complete with fake leather and biker boots.

Eh, close enough. I'll have it ready by the time Comicon comes around.

Needless to say, we were very cool for one night. We also got to carve pumpkins last night and we get to party tonight as well! This is why I love Halloween. Continuous parties, costumes, and good times.

*The costume wasn't completely done because we didn't have our contacts in. They hurt like a *&%#$. But I will probably stick them in for pictures later. 

Adam's classic pumpkin that took him maybe 10 minutes

My kind of awkward pumpkin that took me way too long (I don't like scooping the guts out).

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