November 12, 2012

Things I Learned This Weekend

-I'm a sore loser, especially when it comes to Risk

     Adam and I conned some of our friends into playing Risk with us on Saturday (if you haven't played, it's a world domination board game). We get very into this game and even though we're a couple, all niceties and sweetness leave the room when we are playing. It becomes an all out war where alliances, backstabbing, and ruthlessness run rampant. No mercy is shown when we wipe out the other players. There were three of us this last game: Adam, me, and Anthon. I'm proud to admit that I decimated Anthon and completely wiped him off the board, eliminating him from the game.

Super epic game.

By the end of my turn I had 6 temples, all 4 gods, and three whole continents with a large defensive force. I thought I had the victory in my grasp, and I would have if that had been the last turn, but to make a long story short, Adam used magic cards to break through my defenses and didn't stop until I was eliminated as well. I cannot begin to describe to you how pissed I was. I was thinking of all the horrible ways I could get back at him like giving him the silent treatment, start crying, or just flat out beat him to a pulp. But after a while my rage faded and once we left Anthon's house, we were back to being the sweet, happy couple we usually are.

But I will obliterate him the next time we play.

Right before he wiped me off the board. I am contemplating man slaughter at this point.

-Never go to the mall when you're depressed

     I left work very early on Friday because I was emotionally compromised. Don't tell anyone, but I was breaking into tears every five minutes and I couldn't actually answer phones or talk to clients with red eyes and a weepy voice. I got the OK and took off to go have lunch with my sister to cheer me up. After that, she had to go back to work and I decided to go to the mall and spend the $50 I had on a gift-card  I thought it was a great idea because I wasn't really spending any money. Unfortunately, I got distracted and stopped at two of my other favorites stores before I got to the gift-card one, and I spent a good amount at each.

I've heard people talk about retail therapy, and I have to admit, having new clothes to wear did make me feel a little better, just not when I look at my bank account afterwards.

New dress (that I sneakily wore to church and then to work the next day).

-Guys bring coats to church for the ladies

     If you live in Arizona, you may have noticed how this weekend was pretty darn cold (60 degrees is pretty cold when you've been enjoying 90 for a while). As I headed out for church that morning I realized too late that I forgot to bring a coat and all I had on was a thin silky dress (I was wearing unmentionables too). I was shaking all the way to Adam's house but when he walked out the door, I saw that he had on, over his suit coat, was a large wool trench coat. Which he brought for me. Happy day! I did not take that thing off at all during church. There was probably no point in getting all dressed up that day. It was like a huge blanket and I was the happiest girl in the room.

He looked rather mafia-esque with his pin-striped suit underneath.

Seriously, I've spoken to several guys who bring suit coats to church and they always say they brought it just so they could offer it to a girl. Well played, guys. Well played.


  1. Love the new dress! Super cute! I need me some new things to I am jealous of your retail therapy!! Did you dye your hair? I am loving it! So cute.

    1. You should set aside some money for a revamp to your wardrobe. It seriously helps. I got some blonde streaks to hide my roots. Super happy with it. :)