December 12, 2012

I Have A Blog??

Of course I do. I've just been a horrible, neglectful parent but in my defense, I was really really busy with work n' stuff. Just last Monday we moved into our brand spankin new office so these past couple weeks have been filled with situating ourselves, unpacking, and getting these darn phones to work right!

It's a pretty fantastic office, on the second floor, all grey, black, and modern. My only complaint is that it's unbelievably cold. I spend my lunch break in the kitchen with my body pressed up against the glass windows to absorb the sunlight (I apologize to anyone who may be walking by). Take a look at some of the beauty!

Yeah. Pretty great. And it looks bigger and better in person.

I've also been pretty distracted by this guy.

I'm sure you can see why. We've been planning out our Zombie movie, watching British sitcoms, making homemade pizza, looking for roller blades, playing co-op on Xbox, doing a Die Hard marathon, calculating the perfect oreo-to-milk ratio, getting Chinese massages, building Lego ships, finally enjoying the snuggling weather, and visiting In-&-Out way too often.

So, life is pretty good. 
Busy, but good.

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