December 17, 2012

Pretty Pathetic

So I'm about to get all pathetic on you... but my boyfriend is out of town and it seems he took my motivation with him. Yesterday I did not get out of my bed till 2 pm  I did not shower. Did not get dressed. Did not leave the house. I barely left my room. I used to be so on top of things. Very self reliant, but then Adam spoiled me and now yesterday I'm I was a loser.

Today has been a 115% improvement since I'm showered, prettified, wearing cute clothes, and being productive at work. I even had breakfast. I think today I will replenish my fridge which only has pizza dough, a smidgen of milk, and some salad dressing in it. I promise that I will draw at least one picture today and I will eat something that resembles a healthy dinner.

In my late night misery yesterday, I decided to start a vlog (video blog) and document my slow decent into madness while Adam is gone. Either that or I will come out on top and be my self-reliant self again. Here's the link.

Oh, and my car is broken again but thankfully my friend Justin is working on it. Hooray!

Maybe if I'm really good today, I will let myself play some Xbox. :)

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