January 04, 2014

Pic Dump....Yay

This is where I dump a lot of pictures and talk about what is going on. 

This is my mom and this is my dad. They are both very cool and good looking people.

This is my nephew, Kai. Who is not as big as my giant cat Buddha. 

I had a new nephew born in August, Zeke. He's pretty cute.

My dad, who is an awesome car guy, painted his El Camino, which he is selling.

For some reason there was a "Who wore is best?" war with a Vitamix cap.

Even poor Zeke was included.

It went all the way to Idaho where my sister and brother in law participated. 

I think Claire was the one who started it anyway.

Michael shows it worn in a more casual setting.

So who wore it best?
Sadly, I could not participate because I don't have a Vitamix.

The El Camino all coolified.

This is Simon, Ariel's cat. He's not so smart.

This is Kai again, getting bigger.

Just not as big as his cousin Claire.

I went clubbing and accidentally ended up looking like a vampire.

Simon again. Like I said. Not smart.

My mom, being fit and doing yoga.

Chatting with one of my best friends, who is weird.

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