April 09, 2014

The Bells, The Bells!

My last post was about three months ago, and the crazy thing is, there is actually a lot that has happened. My previous posts have been somewhat melancholy due to dating-issues, but surprise! They're over! Because...I married him.

Yes. The same guy who has been hopping in and out of my blog stories for the past two years. After a period of "just being friends" he finally asked me if he could marry me. Actually, he kind of told me but that's okay. I had been waiting for this guy for a very long time. We got engaged in early January and set the date for March 14. Not a whole  lot of time for wedding planning.

Fortunately, his mother loves planning this kind of stuff and took over the reigns.

I'll have to go over this in detail later (I'm at work and should probably be working), but here are a couple happy pictures!

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  1. You make a beautiful bride. You must have an exquisite pedigree. You make a good couple and there are many who are very proud of you. Thanks for sharing on your blog, but what of the story of setting up housekeeping together and the interesting and challenging aspects that accompany the intertwining of your two separate lives? Let's read about that, eh?