May 05, 2011

Massacre at Kohl's

Ah... the joys of a freshly reheated TV dinner. Yes, it's lunch time at the firm and I'm freezing my buns off!! Not to mention uncomfortable (but it's a really cute outfit). I went shopping last night with my sister, Sunny, and we plundered that store!! We went in just to return a few dresses and maybe look around at the shoes. After I learned I had $77 in store credit, Sunny and I looked at each other and smiled cruelly.
    Sunny went straight to work, setting up a strategy that would make even the most avid shoppers weary. We careened through, hitting every section of the female section, down to the last clearance rack! After this mass slaughter, we pushed our carts (yes, we had to use the carts we were so loaded) to the nearest fitting room. Clothes were flying everywhere! People were frightened when they heard the growling and gnashing of teeth coming from within, but we paid no mind; we were on a mission!
     As we exited the fitting rooms, Sunny revealed that she had a 15% off card as well as a Kohl's charge. At the register is where the victory was made known. For a dress, 3 shirts, a cardigan and a pair of death defying heels, I paid $2.83...... >:) ...... AND got $10 dollars Kohl's Cash!

     I have to say, I'm a firm believer in Kohl's. And shopping.

     Well, my stomach is full and my time is up. Till next time, my dears!

                                                              (Uncomfortable yet cute)

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  1. What a great day! And that's us just getting started! Next time we can hit a few other stores on the drive by. I say it's not a successful shopping trip unless the sun has gone down and your feet are KILLING you.