May 04, 2011

Stupendous New Beginnings

     Isn't it sad that I blog during my lunch breaks?  *sigh*  Well it's something semi-productive to do.

     Right now, as I write this, I have 3 followers: my cousin (who is mentioned a few times in previous posts), my sister Ariel, and my sister's second account. I'm not too upset that no one is reading just yet, but I just want to get some stuff out there (I'm currently attempting to write 2 books so recognition would be nice). Maybe this should just be a good way to get things out of my head since that's where it usually all stays.

     In my profile I mentioned that I recently moved to the sunny state of Arizona. I cannot begin to tell you how great of a choice that was. My previous job was working at a Chinese Buffet seating people, running the register, and smiling way too much. Don't get me wrong, I loved this job. The people really made it fun. My employers are friends with my father (who speaks Mandarin Chinese), so I easily got the job with no interview needed. But now after 3 months of looking, I landed a job at a Law Firm as a secretary and graphic artist.
     This one I did have to interview for. I even went and bought a little business outfit so they couldn't tell how much of a ragamuffin I really am. I actually didn't get the position I was going for, but I guess they liked me because they made a new position just for me and later, after the receptionist quit, I took over her job as well. So now I'm making bank (for an 18 year old) and love being busy during the day!

 Yikes! My break it almost over - I'll finish up later.

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