April 06, 2011

Taking A Lynch Break At Work.

     By law (?) I am required to take at least an hour lunch break, so here I am, halfway through it, blogging about something no one will ever read. Once this is over I will have another 2 and a half hours before I can run through those tantalizing doors. I do actually like where I work (as a receptionist in a law firm) and I'm happy to be working to earn some dollars, but I'm one of those wild spirits that can't sit down for too long or focus on one thing for more than an hour.
     What makes it even worse is this morning I had the privilege to take my sister and my cousin to the airport. My sister had won an all expense paid trip for 5 days to Cabo, Mexico (which she deserves). So, as she and said cousin are in the air right now heading to beautiful far away lands, I'm scarfing down a Healthy Choice frozen dinner wearing constricting business clothes and hoping the phone doesn't ring. Don't think I'm bitter-just super duper antsy. What I really want to do is race home with little or no traffic, throw on some jeans and a hoodie, and then flop on the couch to watch American Idol. And maybe text my super cute best friend (boyfriend?).
     18 minutes left in my break. If it wasn't so cold outside (and no one there to stare at me) I would go outside and play in the fountain thats literally 4 1/2 yards from my window. I hate who ever decided to put it there, behind the glass and forever out of my reach. Not to mention off limits.
     At the moment I have a wonderful view of Smoker Tom the Alien Man who paces back and forth hourly sucking down a cigarette. He's not really an alien. He just works at a place where they have a ton of "Alien Proof". I bet he has an interesting boss. This building is right outside my window also, past the seductive fountain...and they keep their blinds shut.
     10 minutes left. I'm gonna go pee.

      Let me out of here!!

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