June 04, 2012

Farewell, Weekend

Sunday was pretty spectacular (despite running out of church early because I felt like puking) but after I calmed my stomach down, things went back to being fantastic. Our church meeting was wonderful. We had fast and testimony meeting where the members of the ward have a chance to stand and bare their testimony to the congregation. I was having a little mental struggle the night before and amazingly the theme of most of the testimonies were centered around picking yourself up and trying again. To strive to be a little better each day and as long as we're making positive progress, things will be okay. Just what I needed to hear. I happen to be the queen of beating myself up over each and every mistake much longer than necessary. So after being uplifted and edified, the day got a little brighter and a weight seemed to lift from my shoulders. Also because of the fact that I had one of my very favorite persons to sit next to and laugh with about how loud our stomach were growling from fasting that day.

After a much needed (but non-intended) nap, I was able to spend the rest of the evening sitting and listening to above mentioned boy play the guitar and then talk with him about anything and everything. Thankfully, our conversation distracted me from the woozy feeling in my stomach and I accredit my speedy recovery to his help.

Saturday was pretty fun as well. I woke up bright and early to hike up Camelback Mountain with my friend Adrienne and I'll say that my legs are really feeling it today. We took our time and meandered up but we realized too late that we drank the water too fast and ran out before we even reached the top (not good in AZ 100 degree weather). We were both getting pretty dizzy on our way down from dehydration and although we planned to ask the next person we passes for water, we only saw a couple of people going up at such a late time. One group did stop to help us and then on the walk back to the car, a very sweet man gave each of a whole water bottle. At that moment he was my very best friend. Kind of still is.

Monday finally reared it's ugly head and that leaves me here at the office in a cutesie dress and a rumbling stomach. I shouldn't complain so much because I'm so glad I have a job and such a great job too! It's just a little sad to see such a wonderful weekend go. Here's to many more to come!

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