June 11, 2012

Week of (Attempted) Fashion 9

So I didn't do so great this week... I even deleted Wednesdays picture because I was making a funny face but I guess we will have to do without. I finally broke and went shopping so this next week there will be a few new things. Sad thing was, I went to the store saying "Haley, you can only get casual clothes. Shorts and tees, no jeans, no dresses." And what do I come back with? Two work dresses, a dress shirt (that could work as casual), and an offensive pj shirt*. Fail. But I will try again later. I never thought I'd see the day when I had a hard time finding casual clothes to wear. Once again, I blame work.

*Alright, I guess I'll show you my offensive pj shirt.
Super, super comfortable and I can't help but
laugh when I wear it. 
My sister picked it out for me. 

We both have a similar sense of humor. 

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