June 06, 2012

10 Thing I Never Want To Do

In my last post I mentioned Instagram and how I vowed to never use it. Here's a list of other things I want to never do:

1. Use Instagram. Just because the picture has a neat filter doesn't make it amazing.

2. Post or follow on Twitter, for obvious reasons. 

3. Re-activate my MySpace account. I don't know why anyone would.

4. Post a picture of myself on Facebook with a caption quoting a love song or a statement about "smiling through the pain", or that "boys just can't handle this", "some day I'll find my prince charming". (Unless I do it in a sarcastic, hurtful way to make fun of all the girls who do. But that would be mean, right?)

5. Use the word "Bestie" when referring to a friend. Or use it at all.

6. Wear my hair on top of my head in a "top knot" style bun. Seriously, I have the urge to scalp a girl every time I see one flopping around. 

7. Take a picture of myself consciously making the "duck face".

8. Get a spray tan. These scare me to no end. I don't want to be orange. :(

9. Meet someone on an online dating site and then meet them in person. There are just one too many risks involved in that.

10. Squeal and yell "This is my jam!!" when a well liked song comes on and then proceed to sing loudly and off key. 

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