June 07, 2012

Resolutions Revisited

So it's been five-ish months since I made my New Year Resolutions and I decided to check up and see if I completed any of them (but mostly because I couldn't even remember what they were). So here is a quick rundown of what I've got done thus far.

2011 2012 Resolutions!
  • Sell at least 2 of my paintings.
    I think painting in the first place might help me with this one.
  • Complete my visiting teaching every month.
    I just got assigned girls to visit teach so I'll see if I can get my rear into gear!
  • Exercise regularly.
    Although this one is ongoing, I did get the habit down and I've lost weight.
  • Get into school.
    I've applied and I got in and will be starting this coming Fall!!!
  • Make a music video.
    Haha I forgot about this. I'm currently memorizing a rap song so I can do this fairly soon!!
  • Finish The Book of Mormon again.
    Soo close. I think I'm about 3/4 of the way through and I still have 6 months.
  • Learn 3 new songs on my saxophone.
    Forgot about this too. I'm planning on busting it out this weekend.
  • Remember to write 2012 instead of 2011 by February 1st.
    I'm so good at life.
I'd say that's not too shabby, considering I forgot about them. This time I'll check up on them more often and see if I can wipe them all out. Now, I've decided to add a few more on. 

  • Hike up Camelback Mountain in no more than an hour. 
  • Make at least $200 selling used items on ebay.
  • End the 2012 year with A grades in class. 
I think these wont be too hard to accomplish as long as I remember them. I'll check back in four months to see what else I've accomplished. 

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