June 19, 2012

Car Talk

This weekend was a great despite one bad thing that started on Friday. I was unlocking my house after I got home from work and I happened to look over at my car and noticed it was leaking like crazy from the engine. I checked to see what is was (my diagnosis was coolant from the radiator) and I called my dad to let him know. Since it was later on Friday, I decided to wait till Saturday to bring it into a repair shop; however, when Saturday rolled around, I was out with David too long and the shops closed early. Not exactly disappointed, I figured I could call in at work on Monday and use that day to get the car fixed.

Monday morning I went to the shop and waited about an hour and a half (which wasn't too bad because I was chatting with my parents on the phone most of the time) and when the man came out to tell me the diagnosis he said it was a leak in the radiator... which is what I already knew. Then he told me it would be about $900 for all the things I needed (a whole new radiator). I sat there and tried to keep a straight face like $900 was pocket change and I was like "Oh... okay. Can you talk to my dad?" So we called him up, I went into Receptionist Mode on the phone and he chatted with the auto technician. When I got back  on the phone, my dad told me to get out of there as fast as I could.

I gave the technician some BS about talking it over with my dad and then scheduling an appointment later and took off, hoping my car wouldn't blow up. I talked with my dad some more and we decided to do it ourselves. So I bought a radiator for $65 and Dad is going to come down in a couple weeks and we can take care of it. We're such a great team.

Now I'm checking my coolant level every time I get in the car and filling it up with water. But as long as that saves me money, I'm willing to do it. Plus I look really cool working on the car in heels and a pencil skirt.

I would almost want a new car if the one I was driving now didn't look like this.

And the one before looked like this:

I think my next car is going to have to be a Camaro because I love them so much!
Maybe a little some thing like this:

or this:

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