June 15, 2012

How To Cuddle In Arizona

Last night the boy and I decided to do pizza and a movie. Originally we planned to make the pizza from scratch (being so healthy and all) but once we got to the store and realized how much time that would take vs. the time we had, we decided on a pre-made boxed pizza which surprisingly wasn't bad at all. We picked out our movie (Taken, because we were both itching to see it again and Liam Neeson is so cool) and headed back to the house.

Being mid-June in Arizona, the house was kind of hot, especially upstairs where the TV was located (it also doesn't help that the boy is built like a space heater). However, us being the ingenious people we are, got all our ice packs from the freezer and came up with a good system. One went in each of his pockets, the largest wedged in between us, and two smaller ones on my stomach.

We should have taken a picture because we looked pretty ridiculous, but hey, that's how to cuddle in Arizona without getting heatstroke.

Maybe I should just get the boy one of these suits. 

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