June 27, 2012

Living For The Weekend

After 3ish hours of sleep last night, I strangely woke up in a good mood. I know I'm doing a number on my mental and physical health with this lack of sleep and I'll have to remedy the situation... eventually. Until then, I've got some things that will keep me busy.

  • My car is still out of commission and despite my attempts to set aside a day to fix it, something else always comes up. 
  • I'm leaving for Washington this coming Monday and I need to survive until then.
  • I've got a family member's wedding coming up the day after I get back from Washington so we will be throwing this thing together pretty quickly and staying up very late.
  • I'm currently cutting my sugar intake due to a related panic attack yesterday. No sleep + sugar overdose = a cracked out/hyperventilating Haley. I type this as I eat a pop-tart....
  • I've got girls' night tonight with my sister so I'm going to need to plan something grand yet money smart.
  • This Thursday is now pasta night for the boy and I. He has a swim meet where the coaches race on Saturday so he needs to carb up and I need to make sure I remember my spaghetti recipe. 
I'm hoping this week goes by quickly because I've already mentally checked out for the weekend/vacation as of last Monday. I can do this!

Some motivation, courtesy of homestarrunner.com.

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