June 08, 2012

Happy Day To You

You know what I'm really good at? Giving advice. You know what else I'm really good at? Being a hypocrite. Sometimes I say these things to people and they are like "You're right, that's just what I need to hear" but then I go through the same problem and I'm sitting there in the same situation, not even listening to myself when I tell me it's all going to work out.

I think I'm going to dedicate this month to self-development and by that I mean a positive change in attitude and practicing what I preach. I'm determined to keep a smile on my face (even though most of my family will say it's already there permanently) and being positive and helpful to others, including myself.

I'm already happy this morning. I opened my bedroom door to see that my wonderful sister had bought me a box of my favorite bunny crackers and a bottle of gummy vitamins (because I throw up the huge horse pills she tries to feed me). What a thoughtful girl! I love living with my sister. You may be surprised when I say we never really fight. Even when we were both sharing a room together we had so much fun and it was a pretty peaceful co-existence. Now we have fun sneaking up on each other in the house, drawing random picture on our shopping list whiteboard, and waking the other up on Saturdays by coming in and attacking each other.

I've got a lot to be happy about. It's casual Friday and that means the weekend is here and I'm going to stay up as late as I want and float down a river, go shopping and do whatever tickles my fancy. I also get to see the very cute boy who I've been palling around with for a while. He was over last night trying to show me how to change my oil but like most things in my life, the Camaro decided to be difficult, so we will just have to save it for another day. I give him major points for being willing try serve.

Today is so great, I think I'm going to have some pop-tarts. I may even see if the girls at the office want to join me and go out to lunch. We tried it last year and we had a lot of fun at a Mexican restaurant. Who knows? Maybe today will zip by so I can get out of this office chair as soon as possible. People like me aren't ment for desk jobs.

Happy Day.    

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