June 06, 2012

Rant Regarding Mail And Food

Here I am at the office, staring at a liter jug of water that my sister tells me I have to finish. It's a daunting task, let me tell you. It's almost noon and I've only finished about a fourth of it. In a moment I'll drown myself and see if I can get it to halfway.

Today is pretty slow. The usual Mailman, the one I love, is on vacation for the next 10 days. He even came into my office to tell me specifically that he will be gone, what a sweet man. We're pretty much best friends by now. The replacement Mailman does not come on time, making my day full of waiting for him to arrive (most of my daily tasks depend on the mail). This is the point in the day when I look everywhere for something to do just to take up time. I'll probably sanitize my desk after I'm done writing this and then stare at the calendar for a while. Maybe that will make the weekend come faster.

I believe we are tubing down the Salt River on Saturday which would make it the most wonderful of days. I hope no one flakes or I may just end up painting my room... which I probably should be doing anyway.

I'm excited to get home today because tonight I'm going to be making cookies with Star Wars Boy and possibly another couple. When is comes to making food, it's kind of a hit or miss for me, especially if I'm making up the recipe myself and I'm hungry while I do it. But when it comes to deserts, I'm the queen; especially my chocolate cakes (that I got requests to make for several people's birthdays). I haven't made one in a while because with just my sister and I at home, I would probably clean out that entire cake in about two days. It's very very good. 0_o

Sorry, I'm just ranting now. I should probably put some really cute pictures up that are made better with Instagram or whatever that thing is called, but I've vowed never to use that app as long as I live because... it's just one of the things, you know?

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